Gunner Cares

Building communities, one project at a time.

At Gunner Roofing, we believe our responsibilities extend far beyond the roofs we build and repair. Gunner Cares, our dedicated community outreach initiative, embodies this belief. Born from a deep-rooted commitment to the communities we serve, Gunner Cares is not just a program – it’s a testament to our ethos of compassion, involvement, and positive impact.

Gunner team with Gunner Cares manifesto, which reads: At Gunner, our homeowners are the most important part of our business. We are so obsessed with providing the best customer experience because we felt it was something that lacked in the industry. We started Gunner Cares as a way to take care of the community that takes such great care of us. It allows us the ability to provide a remarkable experience to people in the community who don’t get a chance to experience it through our normal business activities. Gunner Cares is one small thank you to our communities that we all call home.

Our philosophy

“We don’t just build roofs, we build relationships.” This mantra lies at the heart of Gunner Cares. Understanding that our homeowners are vital parts of their communities, we’ve created a channel through which our business transcends traditional boundaries, touching lives and making a meaningful difference.

Through Gunner Cares, we’ve had the privilege of not only providing top-notch roofing services but also of being a beacon of hope and support. Our initiatives range from donating a portion of our sales to impactful organizations like Delivering Good, to hands-on projects with Habitat for Humanity, where we help construct safe and affordable homes for families in need.

In a sector often focused solely on transactions, Gunner Cares stands out as our heartfelt response to the needs around us. It’s about more than just business; it’s about fostering trust, creating lasting relationships, and ensuring that those who might not directly experience our services still feel our positive impact.

We invite you to be a part of Gunner Cares. Whether it’s through engaging with our projects, spreading the word, or simply learning more about our initiatives, your support is invaluable. Together, we can continue to build not just stronger homes, but stronger, more resilient communities. Contact us to learn more about Gunner Cares and how you can join us in building stronger communities, one project at a time.

Gunner Cares

Strengthening communities with Delivering Good

Gunner Cares is proud to partner with Delivering Good, a renowned organization dedicated to aiding those affected by poverty and disaster. This collaboration is a cornerstone of our commitment to make a tangible difference in the lives of people in need. For every roofing project purchased online, Gunner Cares donates 1 percent of the sales to Delivering Good, channeling essential resources to where they’re needed most. Delivering Good’s mission of providing new merchandise – from clothing and home goods to toys and books – aligns perfectly with our vision of uplifting communities and fostering hope. Through this partnership, we’re not just repairing roofs; we’re helping rebuild lives by ensuring that essential goods reach families and individuals facing life’s toughest challenges. Together, Gunner Cares and Delivering Good are creating a legacy of generosity and impact, offering more than just aid – we’re delivering dignity, self-esteem, and the opportunity for a better future.

Gunner and GAF Community Contractor Program for Habitat for Humanity

Building hope with Habitat for Humanity

At Gunner Cares, our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity stands as a shining example of our dedication to community upliftment. This partnership goes beyond mere construction; it’s about building hope and dreams for families in need. Our recent project at Settlers Ridge, where we provided expert roofing services, is a testament to this commitment. We took immense pride in working alongside Habitat for Humanity to construct a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home for Syretta, a dedicated social worker, and her three children. This endeavor is more than just erecting walls and laying shingles; it’s about creating a safe, secure, and loving home where memories and futures can be forged. Our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity is not just about building houses – it’s about laying the foundation for a better, more hopeful future for deserving families. Join us as we continue to support Habitat for Humanity in their mission to provide affordable housing solutions and strengthen communities, one family at a time.

Gunner Cares with AJ in a Box

A test of endurance for community impact

Gunner Cares proudly supported the remarkable “AJ in a Box” event, a unique and challenging fundraiser hosted by AJ from WPLR 99.1 New Haven. Demonstrating extraordinary endurance, AJ spent 24 hours in a confined space, continuously listening to “It’s A Small World,” for a cause that resonates with our core values. This event was more than just a test of willpower; it symbolized the power of community and the spirit of giving. Held outside McDermott Chevrolet & Lexus of New Haven, it brought together people from all walks of life in an impressive display of solidarity. Gunner Cares provided the physical box for this endeavor, playing a pivotal role in an event that successfully raised an impressive $35,729. These funds have been instrumental in supporting local children’s charities, directly impacting young lives and bringing smiles and hope where they’re most needed. “AJ in a Box” exemplifies what we stand for at Gunner Cares – uniting for a cause, challenging limits, and making a substantial difference in our community.