Cedar roofs: a comprehensive look

August 18, 2023 by

Cedar roofing has been the standout choice for homeowners seeking an environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing roofing option for centuries. Its unparalleled natural beauty and impressive durability make cedar shake roofs a remarkable investment, adding substantial value to any house.Cedar on blue home

As a reputable cedar roofing company, Gunner Roofing is certified to install cedar roofs. We are proud to offer a wide range of cedar roofing materials, including the top-of-the-line Blue Label Canadian cedar shingles and shakes, renowned for their exceptional quality and resilience. For homeowners looking for a cost-effective alternative, we also provide alternate cedar shingles and shakes. These products maintain the classic charm and reliable durability inherent to cedar roofing, making them a worthwhile consideration for those on a budget.

Understanding cedar roofs

When you think about cedar roofs, picture a beautiful house with a warm, natural, and rustic charm. Cedar roofs provide a naturally beautiful aesthetic that enhances the architectural design of a home, giving it a timeless, classic appeal. But there’s much more to cedar roofing than just aesthetics.Cedar installation in progress

Spaced sheathing vs. plywood

When it comes to installing cedar shakes and shingles, we utilize either spaced sheathing or plywood; no home will have both. Spaced sheathing is the traditional method where wood strips are placed several inches apart, providing ample space for the cedar to breathe, reducing moisture, and thereby extending its life. However, in certain conditions or architectural designs, plywood is utilized. Both methods ensure that your cedar roof is solid along the edges and valleys.

Perfection and Tapersawn shingles

There are different types of cedar shingles, each providing a different aesthetic and functional benefit. The “Perfection” shingles, with a 3/8″ butt, are precisely cut to create a uniform look. They’re traditionally used for sidewalls but can also be used for roofs. On the other hand, “Tapersawn” shakes are sawn on both sides, presenting a thicker, more textured, and rustic appearance with a 5/8″ thickness. This provides a unique charm that blends beautifully with the surrounding environment.

Pressure-treated cedar

Pressure-treated cedar shakes and shingles, also known as chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated wood, are an excellent choice that Gunner Roofing offers for your roofing needs. CCA is a chemical wood preservative that has been used for over 70 years to protect wood from rot, decay, and termite attack, allowing it to last longer. This treated wood carries a distinct advantage over natural cedar shakes and shingles that require regular oiling to maintain their condition.Pressure treated cedar installation in progress

In the CCA treatment process, the cedar wood is impregnated with a waterborne preservative solution containing copper, chromium, and arsenic, each serving a unique function in the preservation process. The copper acts as a fungicide and an insecticide, preventing fungal decay and warding off wood-boring insects. The chromium is a binding agent, ensuring the copper and arsenic stay within the wood instead of leaching out. Lastly, the arsenic also serves as an insecticide and a fungicide, adding an extra layer of protection against insects and decay.

The benefits of pressure-treated cedar shingles are many. First, the wood’s life span is significantly extended, allowing it to last longer even in harsh weather conditions. This is due to its enhanced resistance to decay, rot, and insect attack, making it a durable and reliable choice for roofing.

Another advantage of pressure-treated cedar is that it requires less maintenance compared to untreated cedar. While untreated natural cedar shakes and shingles require regular oiling to keep them in good condition, CCA-treated cedar does not need such maintenance, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Importantly, pressure-treated cedar also reduces the risk of structural damage to your roof, adding a level of safety to your home. By preventing insect infestation and wood decay, CCA-treated cedar ensures the structural integrity of your roof, keeping your home safe and secure.

Fire safety of pressure-treated cedar

An additional benefit of pressure-treated cedar shakes and shingles is their improved fire safety. Although untreated cedar does not naturally possess high fire resistance, the pressure-treatment process allows us to enhance this quality. The treated wood can achieve a Class A fire rating, the highest level of fire resistance, when impregnated with fire-resistant chemicals. This rating indicates the material’s ability to withstand fire exposure and resist the spread of fire.

It’s important to note that while these treatments can improve fire safety, no roofing material is completely fireproof. Fire-resistant treatments can slow the spread of fire, but they can’t entirely prevent it. That’s why it’s crucial to combine fire-resistant roofing with other fire safety practices, like maintaining a clean, debris-free roof and installing smoke detectors in your home.

In summary, our pressure-treated cedar roofing offers an array of benefits, from enhanced durability and low maintenance needs to increased fire resistance, all aimed at providing a long-lasting, safe, and aesthetically pleasing solution for your roofing needs.

The Blue Label difference

We source our cedar shakes and shingles from trusted suppliers to ensure their quality and durability. Notably, we offer Blue Label Canadian cedar, which is kiln-dried and has fewer knots. Kiln-drying is a process that removes moisture, reducing the risk of warping and splitting, thus improving the life span of your roof.

Blue Label cedar is certified by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, guaranteeing its quality. This certification ensures that the cedar is harvested responsibly and manufactured to the highest standards. While it comes at a slightly higher cost than other cedars, the durability and longevity that Blue Label cedar offers make it a worthy investment.

Understanding your options

We also offer an alternate label cedar, providing homeowners with an affordable option without compromising quality. While this may not come with a certification, rest assured that we maintain high-quality standards, irrespective of the cedar chosen.

When comparing Blue Label and alternate label cedars, both have unique benefits. Blue Label cedar is the premium choice for its consistent quality, long life span, and the assurance of responsible harvesting and manufacturing. However, the alternate label cedar provides a cost-effective yet quality choice for those working within a specific budget.

Caring for your cedar roof

While cedar shake roofs are known for their durability, regular maintenance is crucial to prolong their life span and maintain their beauty. Pressure-treated cedar has the advantage of requiring less maintenance than natural cedar. Natural cedar requires periodic oiling to preserve its appearance and prevent drying out.

In conclusion

Cedar roofing is a testament to nature’s beauty and durability. With our Perfection or Tapersawn shakes, spaced sheathing or plywood installation, and options in pressure-treated or natural cedar, we offer variety without compromising on quality.

Choosing between the premium Blue Label cedar and the cost-effective alternate label might seem challenging, but our team is ready to guide you based on your preferences, budget, and the specific requirements of your home. At Gunner Roofing, we believe in the power of informed choices. Whether it’s the type of cedar, the installation method, or the treatment process, our expert team is always ready to guide you in making the best decision for your home. With a cedar roof from Gunner Roofing, you’re investing in the enduring elegance and superior durability that your home deserves.Cedar roof on garage

We’re excited to work with you in bringing the beauty and durability of cedar roofing to your home. With our comprehensive knowledge of cedar and our commitment to top-notch workmanship, you can be confident in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your cedar roof.

We firmly believe that establishing trust is a cornerstone of successful roofing projects. We don’t just install cedar roofs – we build relationships. Our comprehensive cedar roofing services stretch far beyond installation; we also extend our expertise to provide crucial maintenance support. We help you understand the unique requirements of cedar shake and shingle roofs, advising on the best practices to maintain their robustness and appeal.

Your home is more than just a structure; it’s your sanctuary, a reflection of your personal style, and a testament to your values. At Gunner Roofing, we are deeply committed to enhancing its charm and protecting its value with our high-quality cedar roofing solutions. Trust us to provide a cedar shake roof or cedar shingle roof that not only complements your home’s architectural design but also stands the test of time, weathering seasons and trends with grace.