Choosing the right siding for your home

September 13, 2023 by

A home’s exterior not only affects its curb appeal, but also plays a crucial role in protecting the interiors from the elements. One of the most effective ways to safeguard your home while elevating its appearance is by selecting the perfect siding. With various home siding options available in the market, making the right choice can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, Gunner’s here to help. We’ll delve into the pros and cons of different siding types, including the benefits of James Hardie siding, a favorite among us here at Gunner.

new siding in white finished product

1. Vinyl siding

Pros: Vinyl siding is known for its affordability, low maintenance, easy installation, and versatile design options. It’s resistant to pests and doesn’t need to be painted. With a vast color palette, you can customize your home siding’s appearance to your liking.

Cons: Vinyl can crack or warp under extreme weather conditions. While it’s long-lasting, it may not offer the timeless appeal or durability of some other materials.

2. Wood siding

Pros: Wood offers a classic, natural look that many homeowners adore. With proper care, wood siding can last for decades. It’s also biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Cons: It requires regular maintenance. Regular upkeep is vital to protect wood siding from termites and rotting, and it can be a fire hazard if not treated properly.

3. Fiber cement (e.g., James Hardie)

Pros: Fiber cement siding, like those from James Hardie, combines durability with aesthetic appeal. It’s resistant to pests, rot, and fire, and offers the appearance of wood without the associated maintenance. With options like Hardie® Plank lap siding, Hardie® Panel vertical siding, and Hardie® Shingle siding, homeowners have many different siding styles to choose from.

Cons: Fiber cement tends to be more expensive than other siding material options and requires professional installation. However, the longevity and low maintenance of fiber cement siding often justify the initial investment.

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Why Gunner specializes in James Hardie siding

Gunner has always been at the forefront of delivering quality, and James Hardie siding products perfectly align with this mission. As JamesHardie Elite Preferred contractors and a Hardie President’s Club recipient, Gunner’s expertise in James Hardie siding and installation is undeniable. There are many benefits to using James Hardie siding for your new installation:

  • Variety in textures: Whether you’re looking for a smooth finish or the authentic wood-grain Cedarmill® texture, James Hardie offers an array of styles and textures to cater to many different design and aesthetic preferences.
  • Longevity and warranty: With a 30-year non-prorated warranty for installation of the full collection and family of siding products, homeowners can be assured that James Hardie materials are incredibly durable. The James Hardie collection includes a variety of products that resist chipping and peeling, allowing your family more time before you’ll need to think about replacing your siding.
  • Professional endorsement: When seasoned professionals like Gunner recommend a company or product, it’s based on extensive experience and successful installations. Our association with James Hardie stands as a testament to the company and the product’s quality and performance.

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Our final take

Choosing the right siding material for your home involves a blend of aesthetic preferences, functionality, and budget considerations. While vinyl offers an affordable solution and wood provides a classic charm, fiber cement siding, especially from brands like James Hardie, strikes a balance between longevity, appeal, and protection. With endorsements from top-tier contractors like Gunner Roofing, homeowners can feel confident in their choice of James Hardie products. Always consult with a trusted professional to make an informed decision that aligns with your home’s needs and your personal style.