Gunner Cares: embracing community through service

February 28, 2024 by

At Gunner, we recognize that our homeowners are not just clients but integral parts of the communities we serve. This understanding led to the creation of Gunner Cares, a program rooted in our commitment to giving back to these communities that have supported us so generously. In a sector where customer experience often takes a backseat, Gunner Cares emerges as our heartfelt response, ensuring that those who might not experience our services directly still feel our impact positively.Gunner team standing in front of home being re-roofed for Habitat for Humanity

A beacon of community support

Gunner Cares is more than just a program – it’s our way of saying “thank you” to the communities we call home. It’s about creating remarkable experiences for those who, for various reasons, might miss out on the joys and comforts that come with our regular business activities. This initiative allows us to extend our reach beyond conventional business boundaries, touching lives and making a difference where it’s most needed.Gunner Cares manifesto

AJ in a Box: challenging limits for a cause

A recent event we supported exemplifies the essence of Gunner Cares. In an extraordinary show of endurance and commitment, AJ from WPLR 99.1 New Haven undertook the AJ in a Box challenge. This involved living for 24 hours in a small space, continuously listening to “It’s A Small World.” This remarkable endeavor wasn’t just a test of willpower; it was a concerted effort to raise funds for the Chaz & AJ McDermott Chevrolet & Lexus Toy Drive. Set outside McDermott Chevrolet & Lexus of New Haven, this event saw the community come together in a symphony of solidarity.AJ in a Box

We at Gunner were proud to provide AJ’s box for this event. Witnessing the outpouring of support and the impressive $35,729 raised in donations was a heartwarming experience. These proceeds will significantly impact local children’s charities, bringing smiles and hope to many young lives.

Building dreams with Habitat for Humanity

Our commitment to community service extends to hands-on projects, like our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. One notable project, the Settlers Ridge Project, showcases our dedication to building more than just structures – we’re helping construct dreams and futures.Gunner team installing roof for Habitat for Humanity

Working alongside Habitat for Humanity allows us to channel our expertise in meaningful ways, providing families with not just homes but a foundation for a brighter future. These projects reinforce our belief that every nail driven and every shingle laid is a step toward a stronger, more united community.Gunner team standing in front of home being renovated for Habitat for Humanity

Conclusion: a continuing commitment

Gunner Cares stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to community service. Through initiatives like AJ in a Box and our partnership with Habitat for Humanity, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those around us. It’s a journey of mutual growth and support, where every contribution, big or small, weaves into the larger fabric of community resilience and solidarity.Message written for Habitat for Humanity homeowner

As we move forward, Gunner Cares remains dedicated to exploring new avenues to serve and support. We do this not just as a business but as grateful members of the vibrant communities that have nurtured us. Together, we hope to continue building a legacy of care, compassion, and community spirit.