Gunner Roofing’s triumph: Winning the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year 2023

January 18, 2024 by

Understanding DaVinci roofing

DaVinci Roofscapes, an acclaimed leader in the roofing industry, has carved a niche for itself with its DaVinci Multi-Width and Single-Width Slate products, well-known for their opulent, long-lasting, and artistic qualities. These composite roofing tiles, a hallmark of DaVinci, are renowned for their striking visual impact, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and classic architectural styles. They are expertly crafted to emulate the authentic look of traditional slate tiles, giving buildings a touch of sophistication and elegance that mimics real stone.

The durability and resilience of DaVinci roofs are noteworthy. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy snowfall, strong winds, and fluctuating temperatures, making them a reliable choice for varied climates. Their resistance to impact, fire, and UV rays enhances their longevity and safety, an essential aspect in regions with extreme weather or wildfire risks.

Maintenance of DaVinci roofing is minimal, a significant advantage. These materials are immune to common natural-material problems such as algae, mold, mildew, cracking, splitting, or rotting, which assures lasting reliability and reduces upkeep.

DaVinci Roofscapes also prioritizes environmental responsibility by incorporating recycled materials in its products and ensuring energy-efficiency, reflecting sunlight and heat to regulate indoor temperatures and lower energy consumption.

The lighter weight of these composite materials eases installation and lessens the structural burden on buildings, making them an excellent choice for both new construction and renovation of older buildings. Despite their luxurious look and robust features, DaVinci roofs are more economical than natural options, offering savings in both initial and long-term maintenance costs.

DaVinci contractors like Gunner Roofing have been instrumental in executing complex custom home roof projects, resulting in outstanding residential projects. In recognition of their exceptional craftsmanship, the intricate work involved in these installations along with the remarkable visual impact has led to the selection of seven outstanding winners for the prestigious DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year, showcasing the pinnacle of roofing work and installation excellence in the industry.

DaVinci Project of the Year Award winning house top view

Gunner Roofing’s excellence

At Gunner, our crowning triumph in receiving the DaVinci Roofscapes Project of the Year award for 2023 is a testament to our expertise and dedication in the realm of roofing. This distinguished honor underscores our commitment to excellence and our innovative approach as The Uncontractor in the industry.

Embracing our identity as The Uncontractor, we at Gunner stand apart from traditional contracting norms. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that while projects conclude, the relationships we forge with clients endure beyond the completion of intricate projects. This ethos is anchored in our relentless commitment to reliability and in consistently surpassing client expectations. We recognize that our clients are more than just patrons – they become an integral part of the Gunner family, contributing to a community we proudly serve and continue to expand.

The DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year accolade is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to excel in every facet of our work. We don’t merely aim to meet the basic standards of a roofing project; our objective is to transcend them. Our commitment is to deliver outstanding results that not only meet but eclipse our clients’ expectations, creating projects with exceptional visual impact.

This award is a testament to Gunner’s ability to blend superior craftsmanship with cutting-edge solutions, exemplifying our team’s ingenuity and diligent work. It reinforces our belief that exceptional levels of artistry and client satisfaction are attainable with the right approach. As The Uncontractor, we view this recognition as both an honor and a mandate to continue pioneering new benchmarks in the roofing sector.

Securing this award exemplifies our leadership in roofing services, where Gunner values enduring relationships built on trust, understanding, and outstanding performance. This accolade fuels our drive to uphold our commitment to quality and to persist in redefining the essence of being a contractor in the contemporary landscape.

DaVinci Project of the Year Award winning house front view

The award-winning project

Our team at Gunner Roofing proudly secured the award with our intricate and outstanding work on the complex custom home roof of David G.’s Prairie-style residence in Stamford, Connecticut. This architectural marvel, a creation of John Gillis, a Taliesin-trained architect and follower of Frank Lloyd Wright, showcases over 100 roof lines and a distinctive “village” layout.

This exceptional property, adorned with a courtyard, pool, fountain, and its own private lake, required a significant roofing overhaul. The original high-maintenance copper shingle roof was masterfully replaced with DaVinci’s top-of-the-line composite roofing tiles. Our choice of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate for this residential project not only elevated the home’s visual appeal but also offered a durable, low-maintenance roofing solution.

Led by Andrew Prchal, COO of Gunner Roofing, our team embraced this challenging project with a commitment to client education and support, particularly in managing insurance claims. Our partnership with homeowner David G. was characterized by detailed communication and a shared goal to identify the finest roofing solution, culminating in the selection of DaVinci Roofscapes’ products.

The installation involved over 103 roof facets, each meticulously fitted with DaVinci Single-Width Slate in Slate Gray. Our craftsmanship extended to the incorporation of detailed copper work and the addition of Alpine SnowGuards, which further enhanced the roof’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A blend of DaVinci’s superior composite roofing tiles and our expert installation work transformed the residence into a showcase of roofing excellence. The homeowner’s appreciation for our team’s dedication and meticulous attention to detail was a testament to the successful completion of this Masterpiece Contractor project, solidifying our position among the seven outstanding winners in the realm of roofing work.

DaVinci Project of the Year Award winning house shingle view

Recognition and beyond

Securing this award is a remarkable milestone for Gunner Roofing, symbolizing our exceptional skill in elevating the aesthetic and functional quality of homes. This accolade acknowledges our prowess in surpassing the award’s stringent criteria of installation work, visual impact, and transformative effect.

Our triumph reflects unparalleled excellence, unwavering dedication, and transformative artisanship in roofing. This complex custom home roof undertaking showcased our adeptness in handling DaVinci’s innovative roofing materials, including the Multi-Width and Single-Width Slate and select shake roofing options. These composite roofing tiles, resembling traditional slate tiles, played a pivotal role in the project’s success.

The intricate project involved detailed roofing work that not only required technical precision but also a creative touch. As a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor, our team meticulously executed the installation, ensuring that each composite tile contributed to the overall outstanding visual impact of the residential project. The transformation achieved with DaVinci Roofscapes materials was not just functional but also an artistic revelation, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

For those considering a roofing project, Gunner Roofing stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the industry. As The Uncontractor, we are distinguished by our commitment to delivering not just roofing solutions but masterpieces. Our achievement as one of the seven outstanding winners in the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project category solidifies our reputation as a leader in roofing excellence.