James Hardie siding in Armonk, NY

September 17, 2023 by

Picture this: You just bought a home, and it’s absolutely perfect. But as the years go by, life happens.

The elements start to take a toll on that new home exterior, creating some wear-and-tear, and you start to fall behind on the maintenance. Before you know it, you’re standing in front of your house, and you barely recognize it anymore. At this point, you realize your home is in desperate need of a makeover. You need a siding company quickly. You need a free siding quote. You give Gunner Roofing a call.

One thing we might not have detailed as much in past posts is how every homeowner who contacts us has unique needs and goals for their home. We do home renovation projects on everything from the multimillion-dollar mansion to the starter home to the modest three-bedroom cottage. We’re a roofing company. We’re a siding company. We’re a window-replacement company. We do it all!

Front of home with Booth Bay Blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Armonk, NY

To us, each of these houses are perfect in their own way and just need a little bit of help restoring them to their former glory. Due to the variety of projects we take on, we completely understand that every homeowner is going to be working with a distinct set of needs for repair of the wear-and-tear as well as within varied budgets.

We never want to pressure our clients into anything they do not want. We really want them to know that we are here to help, but ultimately it’s their house. Now, there are times when we start projects and it becomes clear that we need to do something additional or go in a different direction.

This is why we feel so strongly about making the homeowner a part of the process, so they are comfortable with all the work that’s being done.

Like so many customers, our client in Armonk, New York (a hamlet in the town of North Castle in Westchester County) featured in today’s blog post really wanted to make sure that the siding material he was choosing for the replace was budget friendly. Understandably, he had a fixed budget in mind for the process that he did not want to go beyond.

(As a geographical aside, Armonk sits on the border of Connecticut, features the highest point in Westchester County, and is the world headquarters home of IBM.)

Rear view of home with Booth Bay Blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Armonk, NY

Back to the Armonk job, with a project of this magnitude, working within a fixed budget can be challenging. There were many elements to this project. We also weren’t sure exactly what we were going to find once we started removing things. However, we were determined to make it work in a budget-friendly manner.

For the roof portion of this project, there was a lot going on. In the interest of budgets, there are times when instead of doing a full replace of the roof, we can repair it, depending on the depth of the damage. This can help the homeowner buy more time to regroup for a future home renovation project when the budget allows.

Unfortunately, in this situation, that was not an option. Too much wear-and-tear. The roof had extensive water damage that was starting to make the roof cave. One more storm and this roof might be in the living room. We came out at the perfect time. There was no way we could leave now without replacing it.

As for the siding, that process also presented some challenges since maintenance had lagged. Birds and bugs had decided to make their homes in the siding material and caused a bunch of damage. This is a common occurrence whatever the type of siding, and sometimes happens without the homeowner ever even realizing it – until the damage is a problem and visible.

This not only required us to replace but also add a treatment. We definitely do not want bugs to ruin the brand-new siding or make their way down into the interior of the home. Once we took the siding off, we discovered that there was no plywood underneath. And there was no insulation on the house at all.

Side view of home with Booth Bay Blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Armonk, NY

Although the homeowner wasn’t aware there was no plywood or insulation, it actually made a lot of sense as to why he couldn’t keep his home at a steady comfortable temperature. After we added and replaced some broken or damaged studs (studs comprising the core frame of the structure), the new home exterior was more insulated and secure. He’s going to notice a significant difference in his electricity bills come the hot days of summer and the cold elements of winter.

For the siding material, we used James Hardie siding, of course. Know that whatever type of siding you’re looking for, James Hardie siding is your best long-term bet. We recommend James Hardie siding for any home siding replacement and, in fact, are a James Hardie preferred contractor.

James Hardie siding is the industry standard for toughness and reliability and can be found as the No. 1 choice for many home renovation projects across the country.

Our project manager and team really shone during this project. They were able to complete all the work in a month and within that fixed budget.

When we were all done, this looked like a completely different house. All the birds and bugs were gone. The roof was new and no longer in danger of caving. The brand-new siding was beautiful and eye-catching. Underneath, the new studs, plywood, and insulation were secure and ready to keep the interior temperatures consistent and help bring down those electric bills. And the homeowner was happy.

A wonderful benefit of using Gunner Roofing is that we always use the highest quality products available to the market. This means with regular outdoor maintenance, this homeowner will be enjoying his new home exterior for a long time, and worry-free.

And this could be you too. Call Gunner Roofing for a free siding quote. Let us be your budget-friendly siding contractor to repair and restore your home to its former glory!

City: Armonk
State: New York
ZIP: 10504
Category: Roof/Siding
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF/James Hardie
Materials used (type): Asphalt/Lap Siding
Materials used (color): Charcoal/Booth Bay Blue
Project Cost: $80,000
Time to Complete: One month