James Hardie siding, Scarsdale, NY

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We are in Scarsdale, New York, for today’s blog post. Scarsdale, in Westchester County, is one of our favorite places in New York.

It has been said that some of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do are to get married, buy a house, and have children. We would add home remodel to that list. Especially with a new baby in the house.

That’s why when the Scarsdale client called us, we were eager to help them out. A while back, they had purchased a house with the intent to do a full home remodel. The homeowners figured it would be relatively easy and were excited to turn it into their dream home. Unfortunately, this dream remodel quickly turned into a nightmare.

Things went wrong left and right, and life generally got in the way as this young couple welcomed a new baby. The homeowners quickly found themselves overwhelmed and decided to table the project for a couple of months and return to it when life calmed down.

When finally ready to pick up where they left off, they realized they needed help and gave Gunner Roofing a call. They had seen some of our previous work in Westchester County and beyond and thought if anyone could help them get this remodel on the right track, it would be us.

This was a full-service project. The homeowners would be replacing the siding, gutters, roofing, and some windows. Now it’s normal for exterior projects to be done at the same time. There are many benefits to consolidating these projects. You can save time, save money, and receive aesthetic bonuses like uniform aging.

We knew ahead of time that this project was going to have its challenges. Part of the roof was completely rotted out, the framing had been built incorrectly, the entire house was absent of plywood. Clearly, there were serious issues to be addressed.

Front view of home with blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Scarsdale, NY

With all projects, we like to prepare homeowners for the best- and worst-case scenarios. We understand that no one wants to be surprised when there are tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake.

When we have projects that are more intense (to say the least), it can really be difficult to evaluate what the final cost will be. There can be things that don’t show up until you get in there, such was the case with this home – like the framing, rot, and absent plywood.

There were many different parts of the initial project that were started, stopped, or done incorrectly. Therefore, best- and worst-case scenarios kept everyone informed and happy. We follow the mentality of “underpromise, overdeliver.” We set reasonable expectations for our clients and then try to knock them out of the park.

That’s because we’re professional and versatile. Are we a roofing business? Siding business? Home remodel contractor? Yep. Replace roofing. Replace siding. Replace windows. Replace gutters. We can do it all!

Now for more on the actual Scarsdale project. As mentioned earlier, we were doing the roofing, siding, gutters, and windows. Basically, an entire exterior remodel.

As a team, we really worked on the planning part of this project to make sure we were utilizing our time and resources efficiently. We were able to get the siding done in a week. Our team also fixed a sagging roof overhang. We brought it up and pitched it straight and center, as well as the improved framing and plywood additions (and no more rot!).

Since this was a complete home remodel with the interior and exterior of the home being done at the same time, we made sure to coordinate with the other contractors to best utilize everyone’s time and space.

For the siding replacement, we used James Hardie lap siding in Iron Gray. This gray lap siding is a great color to exude elegance with a touch of drama. But the real star is the James Hardie lap siding itself, the original fiber cement siding that changed the industry.

angled view of home with blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Scarsdale, NY

James Hardie lap siding looks sharp and modern and is made to withstand the elements and provide peace of mind for years. We are part of the James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor Alliance, meaning we’re a trusted installer of James Hardie products for siding replacement.

We paired it with a GAF roof in charcoal. A charcoal roof is an absolute classic, and one of our top requested colors when doing a roof replacement. A GAF roof is North America’s top shingles choice for a roof replacement.

GAF is a trusted brand with many colors and styles (the three-tab and architectural styles are very popular), plus the GAF warranty is solid, including those for fire and wind resistance. A GAF roof is also durable and easy on a roof replacement budget.

To complete the exterior remodel, Andersen windows were installed all around. Andersen windows are a top choice for home remodel contractors and homeowners when it’s time to replace windows. Plus, Andersen windows come in a variety of styles, including single- and double-hung, casement, awning, and more.

Our team worked long hours to get this project finished as quickly as possible. The homeowners had waited for their dream home long enough, and we couldn’t wait to give it to them.

back view of home with blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Scarsdale, NY

The entirety of the project was done in a month. That’s impressive, considering all of the work that needed to be done for this exterior remodel: replace roof, replace windows, replace siding, replace gutters, and the additional roofing materials. They were beyond impressed and ready to finally have their dream home complete.

After all this time, they described it as almost surreal to have it finally done. Some of the neighbors were surprised as well. Driving past it now vs. a few weeks earlier was like driving past a different home. The gray lap siding and charcoal roof complement each other beautifully, and the new windows and gutters sparkle.

We hope our clients will be enjoying an essentially new home for years to come!

Missing roof shingles? Need a roofing quote? Siding advice? Roofing materials advice? Windows worn out? Drop us a line. We’re your home remodel contractor.

City: Scarsdale
State: New York
ZIP: 10583
Category: Siding/Roofing/Windows/Skylights
Materials used (manufacturer): James Hardie/GAF/Andersen
Materials used (type): Lap Siding/Asphalt
Materials used (color): Iron Gray/Charcoal
Project Cost: $90,000
Time to Complete: One month