Roof replacement – GAF EPDM, Tarrytown, NY

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Today’s blog post takes us back to Tarrytown, New York. Relatively close to the village of Sleepy Hollow (formerly known as North Tarrytown), it’s a cool and unique area in Westchester County that’s rich with culture.

Tarrytown is home to interesting places such as Tarrytown Music Hall and the famous Lyndhurst mansion, which the past two years has been host for the world-class Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!

The plot from Tarrytown is a familiar story. Someone is living their life and enjoying their home. They probably even recently mentioned how fantastic it is that nothing has broken or gone wrong in a while.

One day a storm rolls in and alerts them to the fact that their perfect home isn’t so perfect after all. They have a leaky roof. This happens to countless homeowners across the world every day. If you own a home, chances are it will happen to you at some point. Unfortunately for our client, this storm signaled it was his turn this time to have a leaky roof problem.

Our client had a lovely home with a flat roof at the back of his house. He contacted us after he noticed a leak. Water was starting to pool and drip down. He needed an expert to fix the situation before he started having issues with internal damage.

Home with EPDM roof in Tarrytown, NY

EPDM Replacement
Tarrytown, NY

We came out immediately to assess the situation with a full roof inspection. After the roof inspection, we went over the different options with the client. He could repair the roof damage now and get a full roof replacement in the near future, or he could replace the roof in its entirety. He opted for the former, and ultimately decided to go with a roof repair, which we were happy to oblige.

We understand that not every client wants or can undertake the cost of a full roof replacement without adequate planning. This is why, as professionals, we always try to give as many options as we can. Our project manager went over some signs of roof failure and pointed out some areas with deterioration to keep an eye on for a future roof inspection after this current roof repair.

Our client was surprised that our project manager would go out of his way to inform him about the status of the rest of the roof. But here at Gunner Roofing, this is how much we care about our clients and want their roofs to be as safe and comfortable as possible. We put the “pro” in professional roofing contractors.

After checking the forecast and taking note of some unfortunate weather in the coming days, we got to work on the roof repair immediately. For the repair materials, we used EPDM rubber membrane. Due to the type of roof and the area of the leak, we knew we needed something with durability for this roof repair.

Home with EPDM roof in Tarrytown

EPDM Replacement
Tarrytown, NY

The EPDM rubber membrane is a durable and flexible synthetic roofing membrane that is primarily used on buildings with low-slope roofs, but also can be handy for RVs, rooftop gardens, pond liners, and other landscaping. It’s known for its durability and longevity and how much it protects against radiation and UV damage. It is also wind-resistant and can withstand even the most challenging weather for roofing. The rubber synthetic roofing is the perfect materials option for this type of leaky roof and subsequent roof repair.

Another advantage of EPDM, which has been used successfully in the construction industry for more than 50 years, is the relative low cost for the material and, thus, less cost to repair if you need to. It’s also lightweight (good for the relative weight that your roofing system must support) and relatively easy to install. Using wider rolls of EPDM means there will be fewer seams on the roof, which in turn could mean less maintenance and fewer possible problem areas for leaks.

Now we know the client wanted to keep his roof a bit longer, and we wanted to help him do that. Yes, we repaired the roof. However, in order to prevent further damage to the roof, we decided to go a step further. We installed a gutter that will help redirect water flow. Additionally, we built a small asphalt roof right next to the flat roof to keep the area from pooling water (for a sort of flashing effect) and help it last until the client was ready to replace the full roof. As per our mission, we go the extra mile for our clients.

For the repair, we used GAF asphalt shingles and matched the color to what the client already had on his house. We’ll say it again: If you need asphalt shingles for your roof replacement, we can’t recommend GAF roof shingles enough for peace of mind and budget!

The EPDM synthetic roofing and shingle installation project took us only three days to complete from start to finish. As always, we customize the size of our team to each and every project, as well as maintain excellent relationships with all our materials suppliers. This allows us to get all of our projects done at record speed without sacrificing quality or cost. Time is valuable, and when you have something like a roof leak, it’s even more so. That’s because bad weather doesn’t really care about your time – so we do!

Closeup of EPDM roof in Tarrytown, NY

EPDM Replacement
Tarrytown, NY

The result looked fabulous; you couldn’t even tell where or how much the roof was repaired. Expert installation. Our client was relieved. Not only was the roof salvageable at this point, but we got the job done quickly before another storm rolled in.

I’m sure we will see this client again in the future for the full roof replacement. But for now, we are happy to have been able to help him with a roof repair to get a little more use out of his current one.

For your expert roofing, siding, gutter, and window needs, contact us here at Gunner Roofing today. We’re the contractor professionals who always put the customer first.

City: Tarrytown
State: NY
ZIP: 10591
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF
Materials used (type): EPDM
Materials used (color): Black
Project Cost: $8,000
Time to Complete: Three days