Roof replacement – GAF and copper, Bedford, NY

September 17, 2023 by

Today’s blog post takes us to Westchester County (Bedford, New York). One thing I love about New York – and the East Coast, in general – is the houses. There is a little bit of everything. Some of my favorite houses are rustic houses surrounded by the colors of lush foliage, such as many of the houses in Bedford, including our client’s home that we’ll be discussing in today’s blog post. A wonderful property that would be even better with some exterior work, notably a new roof installation.

Before I joined the Gunner team, I had no idea how many different types of roofs there were. There are thousands of options out there for a new roof. Roofs can be made of different materials, shapes, and colors. There are even customizable options if you want your exterior to stand out even more. As we all know, one of the most popular roof colors is charcoal. It’s a bold classic roof color that will look good with anything.

So when our client in Bedford reached out to us regarding a roof replacement, it was no surprise at all that they wanted to go with a charcoal roof color. Particularly a GAF asphalt roof.

GAF asphalt roof shingles are top-of-the-line and a great choice for the exterior of any home. GAF has a wide range of colors and a fantastic warranty. You can sleep soundly owning a GAF asphalt roof and its warranty, which includes robust algae and wind coverage. Also, with proper documentation, a GAF warranty is transferable.

Closeup of copper roof in Bedford, NY

Custom Copper Shingle Replacement
Bedford, NY

Those are some of the reasons GAF roof shingles are among the most popular roof shingles in the country. GAF is an award-winning brand that has been around for many years; in fact, the company in its original incarnation began making asphalt shingles in the early 20th century. GAF’s Timberline asphalt shingle is the best-selling asphalt shingle in the United States. We’re big GAF asphalt shingles proponents, so much so that we’re a GAF-certified contractor.

So, back to Bedford. The homeowners didn’t want just your average charcoal roof shingles and be done with it. They wanted to add a little extra something of color to make the new roof stand out even more. After scouring the internet, they decided that copper accents would be a perfect fit for their home.

The client saved their inspiration pictures to show us, which we appreciated. Here’s an important tip: When thinking about customizing a home renovation project, it’s incredibly helpful to collect visuals – magazine layouts, videos, cellphone photos, etc. – to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to special materials needed and what is envisioned.

Copper accents are customizable and can be added to different areas of your roof such as finials, pitches, cupolas, chimneys, or anywhere that a homeowner sees fit. The most common use for copper on a roof is probably chimney flashing, which is no small thing, as the flashing offers a tight seal while also diverting water off the roof and away from your house.

By the way, if you unfamiliar with the terms “finials” and “cupolas”: A finial is an object displayed at the apex of a roof, while a cupola would typically be characterized as a small dome. In short, finials and cupolas are types of roof ornamentation.

Aerial view of roof in Bedford, NY

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Bedford, NY

Copper can be expensive, which is why using accents is the best of both worlds. You get some of the benefits of copper without actually having to outfit your entire roof with it.

For this new roof installation, the client decided on having asphalt shingles on the main roof and copper shingles over her garage. In order to give the client what she wanted, we had to customize the copper shingles to go along with the GAF asphalt roof shingles.

We realize that not every roofing company offers this, but when you use Gunner Roofing, we are a one-stop shop. We aren’t just focused on installing roof shingles. We have experts in every area of roofing beyond that, including in copper for a custom roof job. In fact, we’ve done so many special features beyond shingles roofing work over the years for customers, ranging from skylights to porticos. And most of them turned out to be ingenious and spectacular, to the delight of satisfied clients throughout our tri-state area. We’re a contractor with imagination and a “can-do” mindset.

Every copper shingle that was placed on this house for this custom roof job was handmade by us. Customization can be a challenge. Measurements need to be taken with extreme precision. The placement needs to make sense, and it needs to be the best fit for the roof. The copper shingles over the garage were the absolute best choice for this home. The contrasting colors with the charcoal roof shingles tied the entire house together and drew your attention in.

Copper will be a great choice for years to come. Along with its longevity, copper has a beauty that makes it a highly sought-after choice. When copper is first installed, it’s a bright bronze color. As copper ages and oxidizes, it will eventually turn into a green patina color. Some famous examples of copper include The Statue of Liberty in New York; Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria; the Berlin Cathedral Church in Germany; and the Little Mermaid statue in Denmark.

While clients always love the result of an exterior home renovation project, they don’t always love the process. This is why our team makes the process as simple and easy as possible. When using Gunner Roofing, you will be in the best hands from start to finish.

Overhead view of GAF asphalt roof

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Bedford, NY

This roof installation project took three days for the roof (asphalt shingles) and three days for the copper shingles, not bad considering that the copper shingles were customized for the home. We replaced the entire roof, added the copper accents, and replaced the gutters.

Many homeowners decide to replace the gutters at the same time as a roof replacement. Doing so saves money in the long run and allows the exterior to age at the same rate.

Overall, this was a great project. In fact, we would say it’s up there as one of our favorites. The final product was incredible, and the homeowners couldn’t be happier. We know they will enjoy their new roof for years to come (thanks to the top-quality charcoal GAF asphalt roof shingles and warranty), and the copper accents over the garage will be a great conversational piece for anyone that drives by or stops over.

You have a home renovation project coming up? A completely new roof replacement? Just replace shingles? Siding replacement? New windows? New gutters? Chimney flashing? All of the above? As noted, Gunner Roofing can do it all (like a custom roof job) and do it well. Drop us a line for a free estimate so we can pull together the materials to professionally transform your house.

City: Bedford
State: NY
ZIP: 10506
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF/Custom
Materials used (type): Asphalt/Copper Shingles
Materials used (color): Charcoal/Copper
Project Cost: $30,000
Time to Complete: Six days