Roof replacement – GAF asphalt, Rye Brook, NY

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In 2019, almost 75 percent of United States homes sold were part of a homeowners association (HOA). Currently, about 74 million Americans live in homes that include an HOA.

HOA neighborhoods come in all forms, from houses to townhomes to condos. HOAs have their perks. The majority come with a large array of amenities, like clubhouses, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, business centers, tennis courts, walking trails, and more.

The HOA is responsible for keeping the neighborhood in pristine condition, and each homeowner is required to keep their home up to certain standards. Homeowners are usually required to keep their property within a certain color scheme, well-maintained, and landscaped. Any exterior home projects, like a roof replacement or fixing cosmetic damage, must be approved by the HOA.

Aerial view of section of roof with GAF asphalt shingles

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Rye Brook, NY

Although this sounds restrictive, HOA neighborhoods are attractive for their immaculate appearance. It’s easy to see why millions of Americans choose to live in one of these communities.

So you might be wondering what all this HOA talk has to do with today’s blog post. The answer for a roofing contractor: a lot.

Our client in Rye Brook (in Westchester County, New York) contacted us about a roof replacement as well as gutters. He also had chimney leaks he wanted us to fix; those water leaks were already starting to cause some damage, and he wanted it repaired before things got worse. This is something we do a couple of times a week and is a standard project for us.

One thing that was different, though, was the HOA requirements. There were certain guidelines that needed to be met for home projects, both with the project itself and how we did the work.

The HOA required the new roof be a certain color and the chimney a certain style. One issue was that our Rye Brook client didn’t know what that color needed to be. After consulting with the HOA, we were able to do a color match that looked amazing and, more importantly, fit in with their community standards.

Aerial view of section of roof with gray GAF asphalt shingles

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Rye Brook, NY

The roof replacement in Rye Brook was made slightly more complicated due to a strict noise ordinance that prevents any loud activity that may interfere with a homeowner’s right to a quiet home during certain hours.

Although we do our best, sometimes roofing work can get a little loud. After all, we’re working with hammers, nails, power tools, and heavy material. Still, we completely understand the need for quiet hours.

We still had a deadline to meet, though, and with those limited hours, we needed a different plan from the original to complete it. So we decided to increase our crew size. This would allow us to adhere to the shorter-hours window without having to compromise our standards or drag out our time to complete the roof replacement.

Aerial view of gray GAF asphalt shingles on home

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Rye Brook, NY

Our client decided to go with an architectural asphalt shingle roof, specifically the GAF brand we recommended in the Weathered Wood color. As we’ve said repeatedly, the asphalt shingle roof is the most popular roof type in the United States. It’s also a popular style in HOA communities.

An asphalt shingle roof is known for being sleek, low maintenance, damage resistant, and a great bang for your buck. Plus, the GAF manufacturer offers a solid warranty and many colors to choose from.

For the chimney water leaks, we were able to identify where the breach was and repaired it. We also applied copper flashing. Flashing needs to be installed on parts of the roof where there isn’t enough of a barrier to keep it safe from water. It’s a common roof issue. This copper flashing also added a touch of elegance and complemented the new roof nicely.

During a roof replacement, it is essential to remove the gutters. This will help make sure the new roof is installed correctly and that everything is laying as it should. Since the gutters are already removed in a new roof installation, most clients decide to replace with new ones.

Aerial view of gray GAF asphalt shingles on home

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Rye Brook, NY

Since you are already paying for the labor, replacing your gutters with new ones at that point ends up saving you money in the long run. Our Rye Brook client already was doing his roof and chimney, so he added new gutters as part of the installation as well.

Everything came together splendidly, and we were able to finish to job in three days. The client was happy, the HOA was happy, and the neighbors took note. At this point, Gunner Roofing has done work on most of their homes as well. Proudly, roof referrals are a big part of our business.

We’re honored to have helped this wonderful community remain beautiful, and we can do the same for your home. We can figure how much a new roof will cost, installation, and how to make it happen. We offer free estimates on exterior home projects. Let’s get together!

City: Rye Brook
State: NY
ZIP: 10573
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF
Materials used (type): Asphalt
Materials used (color): Weathered Wood
Project Cost: $28,000
Time to Complete: Three days