Roof replacement – GAF asphalt, Stamford, CT

September 17, 2023 by

As we’re professional roofers involved in home improvement projects, much of our work is physical. Lifting, pulling, carrying, laying, nailing. That includes the siding and window lines of our business, too.

But we also have a good bit of digital finesse, using today’s technology to make our projects run smoother, keep our deadlines intact, and our customers happy. Many businesses do, of course, but today’s post is a good opportunity to reinforce our mission to go above and beyond for our customers, even when we can’t do face-to-face business.

“Back in the day,” as we say, it could be challenging for people who wanted, say, a new roof to be present to monitor the project because they traveled a lot for business or the house being a secondary residence in another state. If they couldn’t be there in person to consult, the project might have to wait. And wait.

That was a mini challenge when we were contracted to do a roof replacement in Stamford, Connecticut. As an aside: Originally known as Rippowam, this town on Long Island Sound was renamed Stamford in 1642. While only featuring about 37 square miles of land, it’s the home to some 45 neighborhoods and several Fortune 500 companies.

Our client had a relatively straightforward project – a roof replacement, or rather shingle replacement. She knew the cost to replace roof shingles. She knew she wanted asphalt shingles. She knew the property would be wide-open for us to do the job without interference.

Aerial view of GAF shingles on home in Stamford

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Stamford, CT

One complication: She wasn’t going to be on hand due to work commitments. In fact, she was in another state at the time. Not being on-site could mean complications, like if an issue arose and an informed decision needed to avoid project delays. Many a roofing company would shy away from taking on a project like this because of possible headaches.

Luckily, Gunner is more connected than ever these days, and we’re well-versed in dealing with clients remotely and being consistent and precise with our communication through emails, phone calls, photos, texts, and virtual meetings.

We’ve had many clients who run companies in different states, or even overseas (with huge time differences). It’s difficult or impossible to be on-site. Some clients hired their own dedicated project manager, some asked to conduct business virtually. Virtual home improvement!

Aerial view of gray GAF shingles on home in Stamford

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Stamford, CT

In this case, we put our project manager with the most experience in long-distance business, Anthony, in charge and got to work. He made sure the client was updated using whatever method was most convenient for her that day, even taking roof pictures at various times of the day so she could see how it looked in different lighting. He also made it clear he was available to answer any questions or concerns, regardless of the time of day.

Now to the asphalt shingles installation. If you’ve been following our blog posts, you know that (depending on roof type) we recommend GAF if you’re doing an asphalt shingle replacement, specifically GAF Timberline HDZ shingles. GAF asphalt shingles are America’s #1 roof shingles brand.

Overhead view of GAF shingles on home in Stamford

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Stamford, CT

GAF asphalt shingles are affordable, beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient, and offer a broad range of colors for your home. We’re certain you’ll find one that suits you. The charcoal-colored roof shingles used here provided a perfect contrast to the light blue of the house. (Check out the pictures!)

An asphalt shingle roof’s lifespan is going to average about 20 years if installed properly, depending on weather extremities and other damaging elements the shingles are exposed to, of course. GAF’s warranties include sturdy wind and algae protection.

As Anthony checked in with the client during the project, she had a thought: There was a storage shed on the back of the property. Could Gunner find the time to install a new roof for the shed, too, so the shingle color matched the home?

Of course, we were happy to oblige. In fact, this comes up often during a remodel. Keep this in mind planning your project. Little details like matching roof colors help tie your property together and make it look even more spectacular.

And the client agreed – she thought everything turned out great. In fact, when back in Stamford, she called specifically to tell us again how happy she was with the job, and that a neighbor who saw the results was interested in having us do the same for them. We’re thrilled to have so much word-of-mouth business. It’s validation that we’re doing things right.

So if you’re wondering about the feasibility of a remote home renovation project in the Tri-State area or just wonder about the cost to replace a roof in Stamford, give us a buzz. We can make it happen!

City: Stamford
State: CT
ZIP: 06903
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF
Materials used (type): Asphalt
Materials used (color): Charcoal
Project Cost: $17,000
Time to Complete: Three days