Roof replacement – GAF asphalt, Yorktown Heights, NY

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Nobody likes a wedding crasher, right? We bet that’s especially true if the crasher is trying to ruin the blessed event before it starts.

Picture this. You spend months planning your wedding. You agonize over every detail. Everything seems to be coming together perfectly.

Now it’s the week of the wedding and you go to sleep thinking, “Finally, I can start to relax. What could possibly go wrong now?”

Then you wake up to a strange noise. At first you think it’s just rain and try to go back to sleep. But then you realize it sounds more like water running. You walk around the house and then discover a leak in your roof, with water dripping down and beginning to ruin the interior of your home.

A roof leak? An emergency roof situation? You’re days away from hosting your wedding here. You’re in disbelief.

Gray GAF asphalt shingles on home in Yorktown Heights, NY

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Yorktown Heights, NY

Unfortunately, this water leak disaster scenario really did happen to someone in Yorktown Heights. They needed a roofing professional immediately.

Desperate to remedy the situation on a seemingly impossible timeline, they called several roofing companies in Yorktown Heights’ vicinity. Most quickly declined, citing already being booked up or unavailable on short notice.

There appeared to be no way they would be able to get their roof fixed in time for the weekend wedding. That was until they called us. In tears, they explained their predicament to our office manager, who immediately put them through to our project manager.

Although we, too, were booked out weeks in advance, we huddled up as a company and decided that no matter the obstacles, this potential tragedy needed to be defeated. We would replace their roof in time for the big event.

Our office manager got to work rearranging schedules while the project manager put together his top team for the job. Let’s go!

Aerial view of home with Gray GAF asphalt shingles in Yorktown Heights, NY

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Yorktown Heights, NY

We put in long hours over those two days, and the work wasn’t easy. It was a roof for a large property, the entire roof needed to be replaced, and of course the clock was running.

During the roof replacement (using high-quality GAF asphalt charcoal shingles), some other issues came to light. There were areas on the structure that were warping. The warped roof had nonstructural plywood that needed to be replaced.

If you’re wondering the difference between structural plywood vs. nonstructural plywood, we’re here to help. The main difference is the glue bond types used in the manufacturing process.

The glue is used to create a bond that will be able to withstand various temperatures and environmental conditions. Plywood that is nonstructural is made with C-D bond glues that will deteriorate rapidly when exposed to humidity and extreme temperatures.

Structural plywood is the best plywood and will allow a support system to be created for roofing, walls, and bracing. The best type of structural plywood is an A-bond type. This bond will hold up against the elements and will be best in maintaining its longevity.

Aerial view of home with Gray asphalt shingles in Yorktown Heights, NY

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Yorktown Heights, NY

Knowing roof details like this are why it’s always important to hire professionals who know what they are doing. This will always save you time and money in the long run.

Since the wedding would be happening on this property in a matter of days, keeping a neat workplace was absolutely key. Tidiness is always something we strive to achieve on job sites. However, this big event called for even more due diligence.

Ultimately, we were able to accomplish our goal of a complete new roof in two days. This would not have been possible had everyone not worked together. With no margin for error, everything had to go right and fall in place. Luckily, everything did, including the weather.

This included rush work permits for the project. Permits are often an afterthought when someone plans a remodel, but they are essential for project safety, for customers and crew alike. When working with licensed roofing professionals like ourselves, rest assured all permits will be handled for you.

And the couple got the happy wedding day they deserved. All their planning – along with one very important phone call – paid off. Not only was the roof completed in time for the event, it looked even better than the previous one. It made for a beautiful day and a happy couple.

We are so happy to be the roofing company that came in and saved the day.

If you’re pondering a roofing job or need a roofing quote (and we do siding and windows as well), we’ll be happy to save the day for you too!

City: Yorktown Heights
State: NY
ZIP: 10598
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF
Materials used (type): Asphalt
Materials used (color): Charcoal
Project Cost: $15,000
Time to Complete: Two days