Siding replacement – Royal vinyl, Rye Brook, NY

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Trees. One of the many wonders of nature. Something that really adds extensive beauty to the landscape around us.

For those of us here in the Northeast, we are fortunate enough to witness the constant changing of trees with the seasons. We drive by trees every day and come home with them surrounding us, and without giving them much thought. Who could blame you?

They’re a common feature in residential yards. They aren’t a problem or concern – until they are. Ornamental or shade trees can become damaged throughout the years by storms, ice, lightning, or root damage.

This damage usually takes form in broken branches. However, sometimes more severe damage can occur. This can include large branches falling, or sometimes and entire tree uprooting and falling over.

Depending on where these trees are located in relation to your house, they can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home’s exterior. In an ideal world, large trees would have adequate space between homes, power lines, and anything else that would take on catastrophic damage if they were to be hit by a fallen tree.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world, and most of the large trees have been around for many years, which means most homeowners will deal with the damage from a fallen tree when it happens. Unforeseen home improvement, so to speak.

Rear view of home with Royal vinyl siding

Royal Vinyl Siding Replacement
Rye Brook, NY

Some of the warning signs that a tree could potentially end up wrecking your home’s exterior? Partially attached branches, cracked stems, hollow or decayed areas on the trunk. Any of these can indicate weakness in the tree’s structure, and if you see these issues, we encourage you to take proactive measures.

Obviously, prevention is best but not always possible. If a tree does end up falling on your house, don’t panic. As long as everybody is OK, the material damage can be remedied. In this situation, you’ll want to call professionals immediately, especially when you are dealing with a damaged roof.

You do not want to try and do any roof repair yourself, including a roof tarping. The reason for this is because after suffering the blow from your tree, your roof is most likely compromised. That means it’s unstable and not something anyone should be walking on. To be safe, leave it to the professionals.

And the reason we’re talking about falling trees today is because that’s exactly what happened to the house of a client in Rye Brook, NY (within the town of Rye in Westchester County, just a stone’s throw from Long Island Sound, and that coincidentally carries a Tree City USA designation). The client was a referral for a roof and siding replacement because, sadly, a tree had fallen on her home, smashing her siding.

Aerial view of home with Royal vinyl siding

Royal Vinyl Siding Replacement
Rye Brook, NY

Although this sounds like a common enough occurrence, our client had a bit of a unique situation. Turned out she was co-owner of the house and had been looking to buy out the other owners.

To get this Rye Brook house appraised, she needed this home improvement done quickly. Not only did she want the work done in the shortest time frame possible, but she really wanted vinyl as the siding material.

Though vinyl is cost effective and a somewhat popular siding, it’s not something Gunner Roofing normally deals with. There are many other types of siding, from composite to wood to metal, with vinyl a familiar choice designed to save money.

For siding installations, we prefer fiber cement siding (specifically James Hardie), which better protects your home. We pride ourselves on working with industry leaders and using their products exclusively for siding replacement.

So why don’t we normally offer or recommend vinyl siding for home improvement? Though the look and curb appeal are fine, vinyl siding isn’t exactly known for being durable siding material, though recent technology has improved to allow it to last a bit longer than it used to.

But if you’re set on vinyl siding, the best way to get absolute most out of it is to have it properly installed by vinyl siding professionals. It’s cost effective and will save money by being done right.

Back view of home with Royal vinyl siding

Royal Vinyl Siding Replacement
Rye Brook, NY

And though vinyl siding isn’t our top choice for siding material, we will always prioritize customer satisfaction above all. So in the interest of making our client happy, we made an exception. The home originally had vinyl siding, and this is what she preferred for the siding replacement.

After a thorough consultation, we adjusted the team size and got to work with the building materials. Though the damage was extensive, we were determined to deliver fast siding installation to meet the client’s deadline.

We agreed to use Royal vinyl siding for this replacement project, and GAF Architectural shingles for the roof. This GAF shingle, which features a shadow effect that hints at a wood look, is cost effective and durable.

The blue Royal vinyl siding and GAF hickory-colored roof looked great when we were done (in nine days!), and our Rye Brook client was thrilled. The before-and-after photos were pretty telling.

Need a siding company and a free siding consultation? Give us a call. We can help with a cost-effective solution to meet your budget.

City: Rye Brook
State: New York
ZIP: 10573
Category: Roofing/Siding
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF/Royal
Materials used (type): Architectural/Vinyl
Materials used (color): Hickory/Blue
Project Cost: $60,000
Time to Complete: Nine days