Seamless solar: exploring the potential of solar shingles

August 27, 2023 by

The world is in a constant race to harness renewable and abundant energy sources, with solar energy being a top contender. Over the years, solar technology has undergone a dramatic evolution, progressing beyond the use of traditional solar panels. The latest development pushing the boundaries of solar innovation is the rise of solar shingles and solar roof tiles. Both products represent a quantum leap in the way we view and utilize solar energy, incorporating it seamlessly into our daily lives while adding aesthetic value to our homes.

When you’re standing at the crossroads, deliberating between solar shingles or tiles and conventional solar panels, the professional team at Gunner Roofing is ready to guide you. We believe in keeping pace with innovative technology and trends, and we’re excited about the possibilities that solar shingles present. It’s more than just a solar energy system; it’s a game-changer in the solar technology landscape.

Couple sitting on back porch of home with GAF Timberline solar shingles

One of the unique attributes of solar shingles is their ability to cleverly integrate solar technology with regular roofing materials. It’s a two-in-one solution that provides energy and protects your home simultaneously. The seamless integration with existing roofing materials makes these shingles more than just a functional add-on – they’re part of the house itself, effortlessly blending in while offering an environmentally friendly energy solution.

This advanced solar solution offers a visually appealing, almost undetectable, way of harnessing solar power. This aesthetic value sets them apart from the more conspicuous standard solar panels. With solar shingles, your house doesn’t just benefit from solar power – it also maintains, and even enhances, its curb appeal.

In essence, solar shingles present a comprehensive package, a new approach to sustainable living. They’re not merely an alternative to traditional solar panels; they are a leap forward in harnessing solar energy. At Gunner Roofing, we’re eager to help our clients embrace this technology and reap the benefits of an efficient, renewable, and aesthetically pleasing energy solution.

GAF Timberline solar shingle installation in progress

Solar shingles: a game changer in solar technology

GAF Energy Solar shingles provide an aesthetically appealing alternative to traditional solar panels. These photovoltaic cells function like typical roofing materials while generating usable electricity from absorbed sunlight. They come in various types, such as thin-film and monocrystalline solar shingles. The former, though less efficient, is more affordable and made from a type of material known as copper indium gallium selenide. Monocrystalline shingles, though pricier, can offer more energy yield per square foot.

Gunner Roofing proudly offers GAF Energy’s Timberline solar roofing shingles. Designed to blend with regular asphalt shingles, they offer both solar energy production and roofing protection. Unlike solar panels, which are bolted onto an existing roof, these shingles integrate with the roof, thereby reducing installation costs and making the entire roof a solar power producer.

Solar shingles vs. traditional solar panels: A comparative study

When we compared solar shingles with traditional solar panels, several distinct advantages came to light. For starters, solar shingles blend seamlessly with existing roofing materials, improving the curb appeal compared to the bulky look of conventional solar panels.

Solar shingle installation is less invasive than that of solar panels, as the process is similar to installing regular roof shingles. This approach minimizes potential damage to the existing roof and enhances the roof’s strength, helping it withstand winds and adverse weather conditions. Moreover, most solar shingles weigh around 2-4 pounds per square foot, lighter than many traditional roofing materials.

GAF Timberline solar shingle installation in progress

As for efficiency, solar shingles are closing in on traditional solar panels. Current high-efficiency solar panels can reach efficiencies of 20% or more, while solar shingles typically hover around 10%-15%. However, continuous innovation in solar technology is narrowing this gap.

Competitors on the horizon: insights from Gunner

While Gunner Roofing endorses GAF Energy’s robust Timberline solar shingles, competitors like Tesla and Luma Solar also occupy space in the solar industry. Tesla’s solar roof replaces the entire roof with solar tiles, while Luma Solar designs custom solar roofs with options for both solar shingles and standard solar panels.

However, Tesla’s solar roof tiles can be significantly more expensive per square foot compared to GAF Energy’s Timberline solar shingles. Luma Solar, on the other hand, has a high up-front cost, but its lifetime warranty may offset the initial expense for some homeowners.

Are solar shingles worth the investment? Gunner weighs in

The cost of solar shingles varies according to factors like the size of your home, the angle of your roof, and local installation costs. Nevertheless, Gunner Roofing sees falling prices in the solar industry and increasing renewable energy incentives, making solar shingles a more feasible option for many homeowners.

While the efficiency of solar shingles might lag slightly behind traditional solar panels, the enhanced aesthetic appeal, streamlined installation, and added roof protection make them a compelling choice. As Gunner Roofing often explains to customers, when you buy solar shingles, you are investing not only in a solar energy system but also in a durable roofing material.

As sustainability becomes a global priority, residential solar installations are becoming the norm. Gunner Roofing anticipates that solar shingles and solar roof tiles will soon lead the renewable energy revolution. The benefits of solar shingles, both practical and aesthetic, seem to outweigh their current cons, positioning them as an appealing option for homeowners eager to maximize energy-cost savings and minimize the visual impact of solar panels on their homes.

Closeup of GAF Timberline solar shingle installation in progress

The solar roofing landscape is undoubtedly evolving, and Gunner Roofing believes that solar shingles and tiles are more than just a passing trend. As solar manufacturers continue to innovate and refine solar technology, solar shingles are poised to become a more dominant choice, paving the way for greener, more energy-efficient homes.