GAF asphalt shingles, Stamford, CT

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Three things we’re big fans of here at Gunner would make a good name for a law firm: Skylights, Teamwork, and Clean.

We touched on skylights in a past blog post, and just about every post includes how much working as a team benefits our customers and our business. We’re also proud of our commitment to keeping a client’s property as tidy as possible in a business where major pieces of a structure are being taken apart and replaced.

That’s good material to cover for today’s post, which takes us back out to lovely Stamford, Connecticut.

GAF shakewood asphalt shingles on home

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Stamford, CT

Being a roofing contractor (and in the siding and window business as well), we make it a point to surround ourselves with other home remodeling professionals. It comes in handy when we need an outside opinion we can trust.

And this goes both ways – we’re happy to assist any of our colleagues with any projects they might have … like today’s subject. One of the general contractors we work with referred this Stamford client to us. They had a skylight problem.

If you’re not too familiar with skylights, they are essentially windows (typically glass or plastic) attached to your roof. They are exceptional for bringing natural light into a home, and can also offer a chance to peacefully gaze at the sky while you’re inside.

Aerial view of GAF shakewood asphalt shingles on home

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Stamford, CT

They come in many shapes and styles to fit your space, some can be opened, some can even sense rain is coming and close automatically. You can even customize how much light comes in during the day, depending on where you place them on the roof. Sealed properly, skylights are durable and energy efficient. The possibilities are unlimited.

In this case, the customer spent hours picking out the perfect skylight style for their home. When the skylights were delivered, everything seemed in order. No damage, they looked beautiful, just as planned.

Well, one issue – they did not fit the current frame that held the old skylights, and there were several of them, as you can see in the accompanying photos. This was something the contractor could not solve in this instance, so as experienced roofing professionals, we were called in for help.

As per our process, we set up a consultation to review the structure. Our roof inspection revealed that there would be more to a perfect skylight installation than just a reframe, as this roof had three layers. We also discovered the roofline was uneven by about 8-10 inches.

That means we had to break down the center of the ceiling and remove the old skylights in preparation for the new ones. We also had to reframe the backside of the home to make sure the skylight would be positioned exactly where the homeowner wanted them.

This is where our attention to detail came in. Everything had to be centered and perfectly aligned. Even an inch or two off in any direction would have been noticeable. Our crew’s teamwork made certain that this remodel met the homeowner’s expectations, as well as Gunner’s!

View of section of roof with GAF shakewood asphalt shingles on home

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Stamford, CT

Another important thing we did for the roof was install counter flashing, a necessity when talking preventative measures for your roof, walls, and chimneys. The flashing is a thin material – usually copper, steel, or aluminum – used to keep water out of your home by directing it away from vulnerable areas of your roof. It also prevents it from pooling there, which can lead to water damage.

And last but not least, we were charged with replacing the roof. After stripping the old roof, we laid GAF asphalt shingles in a Shakewood color (see photos). We believe GAFs are the best asphalt shingles for average cost and durability against the elements, especially the harsh winter months.

And finally, a word about workspace conditions – another piece of our business we take pride in. Everyone knows home renovation projects are messy, so keeping the job area neat is very important to us. The exterior, of course, but also the interior.

We make sure things are well-covered and continuously check to make sure that none of the materials are landing where they shouldn’t. Being this conscientious and precise makes it easier to clean up, but it also has a reassuring effect on the homeowner, showing we take good care with all we do.

Our client was ecstatic with how the skylights turned out. The skylights, in fact, were a major point of discussion in the neighborhood, leading to calls from several neighbors asking for help on their home improvement projects.

As usual, we were pleased to give the clients exactly what they wanted and on schedule despite all the challenges presented. We hope this client enjoys the new skylights, watching all those Connecticut weather types from the comfort of home.

If you need a roof consultation or roofing quote, or are just ready for a new roof made of the best roofing materials around, reach out to us. A Gunner roofing expert is always ready to help.

City: Stamford
State: CT
ZIP: 06903
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF
Materials used (type): Asphalt
Materials used (color): Shakewood
Project Cost: $25,000
Time to Complete: Five days