Shingle replacement – GAF asphalt, Tarrytown, NY

August 27, 2023 by

You’ve seen them before, those generic advertisements that a lot of big business “experts” put out. When you call them about their services or materials, you either spend a ton of time on hold or talking to a machine.

When Gunner Roofing was founded, we vowed to never have our contractor business run like that. As a family-owned and family-operated contractor business, we are committed to making sure that our clients feel like people rather than just a number.

We want to make sure that all of our clients get the time and attention they deserve and what we would want our own family members to receive. We feel it’s something that makes our roofing company stand out. (Though we can expertly handle your siding and window projects, too!)

Many of our clients feel the same way about our expert home renovation services, and we know this because of our reviews, referrals, and our repeat business – such as with our Tarrytown, New York, client in today’s blog post. (If you don’t know, Tarrytown is a village within the town of Greenburgh, on the east bank of the Hudson River.)

These Westchester County clients were young homeowners with a growing family, with plans to redo the exterior of their house. Ultimately, they wanted everything redone, including a new roof. There was only one thing: They were expecting a baby, and any parent will tell you the last thing you want to be worried about with a new baby is home renovation projects.

Overhead view of asphalt shingles on home in Tarrytown

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Tarrytown, NY

So we made a plan, from materials to construction. We would start with the siding, and when they were ready, we would come back and replace the house roof with new shingles. This was all tentative, and the homeowners were free to change their minds at any time.

The siding project came out perfect. So perfect, in fact, that it’s worth checking out the project. You can see how much the exterior of the house changed with each project. After the siding project, time went by, and after having the new baby and settling into a routine, the family gave us a call.

They were ready to get started on their house roof, and while we were installing the new roof shingles, they decided to also replace the gutters. More often than not, when homeowners decide to replace their roof shingles, they also decide to replace the gutters. Not only will they age similarly, but having your roof shingles and gutters replaced at the same time will ultimately save you time and money.

Keeping your gutters in tip-top shape is one of the best ways to protect the exterior of your home, since gutters help divert water off and away from your house. Important maintenance includes clearing the gutters of debris and checking downspouts for clogs. Spring and fall are especially important times of year because of the associated new or dead growth. You should also routinely check your gutters for rust or holes. All of this not only keeps you gutters in good shape, but also discourages other roof problems like pests and mold.

Before we started on the house roof, we came back just to evaluate everything prior to starting the project. We wanted to make sure the homeowners were completely confident in their choices. We also wanted to evaluate the house and make sure there was nothing else that needed to be addressed. After our evaluation of the structure and materials, we were good to go and ready to get started.

Side view of asphalt shingles on home in Tarrytown

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Tarrytown, NY

At this point, the clients felt extremely comfortable with Gunner Roofing and our project managers. The clients had worked with these project managers and their team before. They knew what to expect, and they knew their home was in good hands. Therefore, these homeowners opted to have the roof done while they were out of town.

It was the ideal situation for them. They were able to leave and come back to a beautiful new roof without having to worry about any disturbances to their life while the renovation was taking place. After all, adding shingles to a roof is not something that can be done quietly!

Our project manager, Nick, made sure to update the clients throughout the duration of the project. Before their trip, he discussed when and how they preferred their updates. This is another thing that separates us: We try to consider every aspect of a client’s time. Fortunately, this project ran smoothly, the weather cooperated, and everything ran on schedule.

As for the technical details of this project: The house roof was replaced with a GAF asphalt roof in the color Pewter Gray. As mentioned in previous blog posts, Pewter Gray is one of the top five most popular roofing colors that GAF offers. This roofing color is versatile enough to complement a variety of different home styles and materials.

Of course, there are many types of brands and types of shingles, but we are big fans of GAF asphalt shingles. When it comes to materials (like asphalt shingles) that Gunner Roofing installs, we recommend what we feel are industry-standard brands. And for asphalt shingles, that’s GAF. A GAF asphalt roof will give you durability, lots of roofing color options, and an excellent warranty at a price that will fit most budgets. GAF asphalt shingles are an excellent value, and we’re a GAF-certified contractor.

Overhead view of asphalt shingles on home in Tarrytown

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Tarrytown, NY

We were able to finish the house roof before our clients returned to Tarrytown from their vacation. They were thrilled to have the new roof. Not only did the GAF asphalt roof shingles look great, but the Pewter Gray color went along perfectly with the siding. And the new gutters will keep the exterior of this house safe for years to come.

It was surreal to see the full exterior transformation happen. We appreciate all our customers and take the trust they have in our roofing company seriously.

For all your roofing, siding, window, and gutter contractor needs, give Gunner Roofing a call. From shingles to framing to downspouts, we’re your home renovation services experts!

City: Tarrytown
State: NY
ZIP: 10591
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF
Materials used (type): Asphalt
Materials used (color): Pewter Gray
Project Cost: $15,000
Time to Complete: Two days