Shingle replacement – GAF asphalt, Yorktown Heights, NY

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Our blog post today takes us to Yorktown Heights, New York. Yorktown, in Westchester County, is about 45 miles outside of New York City. It’s known for its amazing schools, nature, and overall peaceful charm. The perfect place for housing and raising a family away from the issues of the busy city.

Today we are talking about the business of combo jobs. Oftentimes when homeowners call us for a new roof replacement, they want to take advantage of our other services as well.

In case you didn’t know, we also provide siding, windows, and gutter replacement (and, as always, a free estimate!). So, yes, we’re a roofing company, but we’re also a siding company, a gutter company … you get the picture! We’re a roofing contractor that can do it all. If you decide to get multiple services at once, it can make for a streamlined, seamless project and save time and money in the long run.

The clients we’re talking about today called regarding their roof and gutters.

After meeting with our clients and going over their house, they ultimately decided on a roof replacement and gutter replacement. Now, gutter replacement is not something that is always necessary. We will always give you our honest opinion/estimate on whether or not you should have them left alone, cleaned/other maintenance, repaired, or replaced.

GAF asphalt shingles on white home in Yorktown Heights

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Yorktown Heights, NY

Some clients take this information into account, and some want them replaced no matter what. They might decide to do it at the same time as a new roof replacement (or roof repair) or siding replacement, or to get them done at a later time. Sometimes they will even add a gutter installation if their home didn’t have gutters before.

You might be wondering why gutters, designed to be a seamless part of your roofing system, are a big deal. Well, properly functioning gutters carry water off the roof and away from the house, preventing the foundation of your home from sitting in water and becoming damaged. And we all know that foundation damage is bad business, a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Some warning signs your gutters need to be replaced are cracking, peeling, or sagging. If you notice water pooling or rust marks on the outside of your home, those are more warning signs, and you might want to have your gutters evaluated. Sometimes gutters become clogged with debris, so it’s best to have them evaluated and cleaned out every so often as routine maintenance. Simple gutter repair can be helpful in the near term as well.

When you decide on a roof replacement and a gutter replacement at the same time, it’s good business sense: You save money on labor costs as opposed to having them done at different times. Of course, you don’t have to – this is just an informative post about gutters. Ultimately what you want to be done to your home is up to you, the homeowner, to decide.

Now back to the actual roof replacement and gutter replacement project in Yorktown Heights. The shingle replacement turned out to be seamless, a simple swap-out. All told, there were no big issues during the roof replacement project, or the gutter installation for that matter.

Beige GAF asphalt shingles on white home in Yorktown Heights

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Yorktown Heights, NY

The clients weren’t 100% sold on the roof color at first. The brands we use have a roof color and roof types for everything you could imagine. Many homeowners get overwhelmed with choosing the best roof color fit for their homes. We usually recommend taking a couple of days to think it over. After all, the roof color will be something you’ll be looking at for years to come as you pull up in your driveway or while you’re spending time in the yard.

In the end, the clients decided on a Shakewood color, a neutral shade of roofing with great contrasting depth. More importantly (in the big picture), they chose GAF asphalt shingles, the best-selling roofing shingles brand in the United States. (Check out the accompanying photos – you can easily see the contrast and why the GAF Shakewood color is one of the roofing brand’s most popular choices. The Shakewood color even makes their porch and bay window roofing pop.)

The actual location of the project in Yorktown Heights was semi-challenging. From our main office, the house was about an hour away, and there were multiple road construction projects going on at this time. When assembling our team, we picked employees who lived relatively close to Yorktown Heights and wouldn’t be as impacted by traffic issues.

We also expanded our team in order to complete the work at a faster pace. This would make it so we didn’t have as much travel back and forth. Taking extra time to establish the right team paid off. We were able to get the gutter installation and roof done in two days.

Overhead view of GAF asphalt shingles on white home in Yorktown Heights

GAF Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Yorktown Heights, NY

The gutters were easy to remove and replace. It was definitely the right time to replace them. They had all the warning signs of failing gutters, and we wanted to address them before they started to impact the exterior of the house. Fortunately, we were able to replace them before they started causing any serious issues. The new gutters will keep the foundation safe from water damage for years to come (with a regular home inspection and maintenance, of course).

The Yorktown Heights clients were delighted with how quickly everything was done with the roof replacement and gutter replacement (and happy with their ultimate decision on the GAF roof color). They couldn’t believe it. We heard it time and time again. “We put off this project because we just knew it would take forever.”

This is one of the big issues we wanted to change when Gunner was founded – housing projects that didn’t last for months on end. It can be challenging, but we always try to the best of our abilities to get things started and finished as quickly as possible. We know our clients appreciate this aspect of our company, and we appreciate our clients!

If you’re in need of information about a roof (roof replacement, new shingle replacement, or roof repair), gutter replacement, even new windows or other services, reach out to us here at Gunner Roofing. We can help you plan for your housing needs and even provide a free estimate.

Remember, we’re a roofing contractor that can do it all and do it well!

City: Yorktown Heights
State: NY
ZIP: 10598
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF
Materials used (type): Asphalt
Materials used (color): Shakewood
Project Cost: $12,000
Time to Complete: Two days