Shingle replacement – Tapersawn cedar, Pound Ridge, NY

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House repair project big or small. Doesn’t matter. When you hire a professional to build or fix something that has to do with your dwelling, there naturally is an expectation that it will get done correctly. That should be a given, as does that it will, well, get done period.

Cedar roof on home in Pound Ridge, NY

Tapersawn Cedar Shingle Replacement
Pound Ridge, NY

So when you, say, hire what’s purported to be a professional roof contractor to take care of a problem connected to your roof system, you believe that it will be done “professionally” and within a reasonable amount of time. If neither of those things are achieved, the chances of further damage to your home rises. Exposed roof + bad weather + other possible destructive elements = trouble. Airtight roofing is essential, not a “nice to have.” A roof halfway done is, for all intents and purposes, a missing roof.

Problem is, lots of homeowners might focus more on the second part – how fast can I get this done? – when shopping around for roofing quotes. It’s understandable. Having contract work done can be a major inconvenience. Sure, fast roof installation should carry some weight on a consideration checklist, but that’s often an ideal rather than reality.

Weather delays and roofing materials delivery delays are among the things that can pop up at any time to play havoc with schedules. Also, it can depend on your type of roof: cedar vs. asphalt shingles. Installing cedar roof shingles, while making the roof tougher and more energy efficient, will always take more time.

So, really, the driving factors should be getting it done right and (essentially) within the budget set aside for it. In a strictly either/or sense, choose roof craftsmanship over speed. Chances are, if the contractor has pride in their work – from hip and ridge to flashing and fascia – the timeline of the project will be sensible and well-spent anyway.

Which ties into a project we rescued in Pound Ridge. Though the homeowner didn’t choose a contractor based on getting the roof repaired quickly, she nevertheless was in a predicament for the opposite reason: The work was going very slowly. On top of that, she wasn’t sure what work that had been done was satisfactory. This group didn’t seem to know what they were doing.

She was a little hesitant when she called us, but we put her at ease. We assured her we could finish the job, done correctly and in a timely manner. Luckily, she only needed to have two more sections covered to complete this cedar roof installation.

Aerial view of cedar roof on home in Pound Ridge, NY

Tapersawn Cedar Shingle Replacement
Pound Ridge, NY

As we said, cedar shakes and shingles are more time-consuming to install than asphalt. They require a certain finesse and attention to detail, but since we were only dealing with two sections, we were confident we could knock it out relatively quickly. Still, it’s all about the quality of the work. You have to make sure you’re doing the job the right way; fast work might make the customer happy for today, but proper installation will find them happy 10 years down the road.

First, we had our crew head over to inspect the “work” done on the sections of this Tapersawn shingles cedar roof installed by the previous company and fix any problems they saw in those areas before beginning our part of the project.

This is kind of what separates us from many competitors. It would have been easy to just come in and take care of our part of the project as outlined and head back home. But we have shown time and again that we want to go above and beyond for a customer to make our relationship better and reputation stronger. If it makes sense, timewise, and is cost-effective, we’re happy to do anything to make the project and your home as perfect as possible.

Another example at this work site: Our crew noticed that the home was missing some gutter clips. So our trusty project manager, Nick, took it upon himself to grab some clips from storage and get them installed so that everything on this roof was squared away.

Checking the gutters was not part of the work scope, and the homeowner was unaware those clips were missing. Unfortunately, she might have found out if the next big storm hit and took the gutters off with it. And that’s not the time to find out. Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we do tell everyone in our company to be aware of things like this because it can matter.

We also worked around the customer’s schedule as much as possible for convenience. The customer was out of town when we started our work, and she was amazed how much progress was made by the time she came back.

During that stretch and the rest of the job getting this cedar roof installed, we made sure to stay in touch, about when our crew would be arriving, when they would be leaving. We also used our Buildertrend portal, which allows us and the customer to stay in communication and even see pictures of the work in progress.

Aerial view of section of cedar roof on home in Pound Ridge, NY

Tapersawn Cedar Shingle Replacement
Pound Ridge, NY

But you don’t need the portal – just look at the fresh cedar pictures included in this post to see the beautiful work our crew did!

City: Pound Ridge
State: New York
ZIP: 10576
Category: Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): Watkins Sawmills, Ltd.
Materials used (type): Tapersawn Cedar
Materials used (color): CCA Western Red Cedar
Project Cost: $25,000
Time to Complete: Less than two weeks