Siding replacement in Scarsdale, NY

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Our blog post today takes us to Scarsdale, New York. Scarsdale is a scenic Westchester County village known for its luxurious living approximately 35 minutes from New York City.

We were called in for a siding project. The client was experiencing house leaks and really needed a prompt response to ensure no further damage to her home. After a consultation between the client, our project manager, and the rest of the team on the siding replacement details, we got to work on the new siding project.

The house was beautiful. It had exposed cedar shake roofing. For those who don’t know, cedar shake roofing is considered a luxury roofing system. It is crafted from natural cedar wood materials. The natural cedar is tough, energy efficient, and looks fantastic.

A home with this level of opulence really required some standout siding to go with that natural cedar shake. Our client decided to go with James Hardie lap siding in Boothbay Blue. An optimal choice for her home, since this Boothbay Blue siding is a soft blue reminiscent of the ocean. But not the deep part, more like the edges with a glowing sunset in the background.

The James Hardie fiber cement lap siding itself was a classy complement to the luxury roofing system. James Hardie siding is tops in the industry, and the fiber cement lap siding is as durable as can be – it’s practically indestructible and fireproof.

Fiber cement lap siding has been around about 40 years, and James Hardie created it. James Hardie fiber cement lap siding has been installed on more than 8 million homes in North America, and James Hardie siding is what we prefer to install on our siding replacement projects.

Back view of home with blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Scarsdale, NY

Before we could apply this perfect siding, we needed to address the house leaks and add water table trim. What is water table trim, you might ask? It is a traditional trim detail located at the bottom of a structure. It functions as a skirt board and separates the siding from the foundation.

Water table trim protects the lowest part of the building from rain splashbacks. Instead of the rain falling, bouncing off the ground, and onto the edges of your siding (potentially causing rot), it creates a barrier. This barrier helps protect your siding, increasing its longevity, and prevents house leaks and rot.

Our client elected for trim at the top and bottom of the siding. This gave the siding a more boxed-in look and really helped balance out the rest of the house as well.

In addition to the trim, there were some vulnerable areas of the home that required furring. Furring is wood or some other material applied to, say, studs or walls to form a level surface with which to work.

And finally, there were areas that needed soffits that didn’t have them, soffits being wood or other material applied beneath the overhang of a roof. Soffits look good, giving the overhang element a clean look. But soffits also serve a more functional role, sealing the roof rafters to form a barrier of protection from rain and other elements. This soffits protection will help keep away rot and mold.

At Gunner, we are constantly checking and rechecking our work during the process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that no details are missed.

Rear view of home with blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Scarsdale, NY

The siding project itself was going smoothly, from the new soffits to the furring and James Hardie siding. The client was enjoying watching the process, and this siding replacement was shaping up like it would be a simple run to the finish line.

Unfortunately for our client, a family emergency came up, requiring her to leave immediately for an overseas trip. This isn’t something that would cause a delay in completion time unless the client wanted it to. However, most clients like to be present when work is proceeding. Needing to leave immediately for this emergency meant she would have to receive updates on the project virtually.

Fortunately, our project manager, Anthony, was on the job. Over time, he has developed quite the niche for communicating (including virtual communication) with overseas clients. Although our client was only going to be over there temporarily because of the emergency, Anthony’s communication skills proved invaluable all the same. He reassured the client that he would be on top of everything, and there would be nothing for her to worry about.

He kept his word. Anthony was able to keep our client updated about the project without disturbing her during this time of grief. He stayed up late and woke up early to best accommodate her schedule. He even took it a step further – upon her return, he had our office manager send flowers expressing condolences from our team here at Gunner Roofing.

We wanted to mention this in today’s blog post … not to brag, but to express the service you will receive when you choose Gunner Roofing for your siding, roofing, and window needs. We are a family-owned business (with emphasis on the “family” in family-owned business), not a big corporation. When we say we care about our clients (from project manager to crew) and client satisfaction, we mean it, and we let our actions speak for themselves.

The finished project was perfect. Start-to-finish time was 12 days. For the size of the house, we would say that’s remarkable.

home with blue James Hardie siding

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Scarsdale, NY

Our client was ecstatic with her new James Hardie siding. The Boothbay Blue siding really complemented her home and made it look fresh and brand-new again. (Check out the pictures!)

Not only was she happy with the project work, but she was also touched with how much our team cared about her in a time of distress.

Thank you so much to this Scarsdale client, and all our clients, for the privilege of working on your homes. Client satisfaction fuels this family-owned business every day.

For all your siding, roofing, and window needs (including free siding, window, and roofing quotes and details), give us a call here at Gunner Roofing today!

City: Scarsdale
State: New York
ZIP: 10583
Category: Siding
Materials used (manufacturer): James Hardie
Materials used (type): Lap Siding
Materials used (color): Boothbay Blue
Project Cost: $45,000
Time to Complete: 12 days