Siding replacement – James Hardie, Danbury, CT

September 17, 2023 by

Home improvement projects have increased dramatically in the past couple of years, and it’s probably easy to figure why.

A combination of low interest rates and more time spent at home because of pandemic issues have been major contributing factors for undertaking a remodel project. According to Statista, 78% percent of U.S. homeowners had some sort of improvement done in 2020 alone.

That included a homeowner 40 miles up the road from us in Danbury, Connecticut. He decided he couldn’t stand the appearance of his siding any longer. And it was kind of apparent why (more on that in a second).

This project would end up including a roof replacement as well, so everything could be updated at once, but the siding was the unusual part of this job.

Home with James Hardie siding in Danbury

HardiePlank Siding Replacement
Danbury, CT

After a thorough home evaluation of the roof and siding for possible obstacles, we saw one out-of-the-ordinary issue: spray foam insulation had been unprofessionally applied under the siding because there was no plywood serving as a base underneath it, which would help with traditional insulation installation.

Spray foam surely has its place, as it can help repair cracks or seal other damage while helping provide insulation for improved indoor air quality. It’s no one-size-fits-all product, and it can be tricky to use since it expands quickly as you apply. A little can go a long way.

As such, if you decide to use spray foam, it’s best to have it professionally chosen and applied so that it sets correctly and you receive the maximum benefits.

In this case, the foam was not providing maximum protection, and the siding had developed holes in various places, thus the need to be replaced for cosmetic and practical reasons. So we stripped it all down, and then applied HardieWrap to start.

View of back of home with James Hardie siding in Danbury

HardiePlank Siding Replacement
Danbury, CT

Let’s talk about HardieWrap, the weather-resistant material that goes between your walls and siding as part of residential exterior weather protection. James Hardie likes to say that they put as much development into HardieWrap as they did for their signature HardiePlank fiber cement siding, which was a breakthrough (and now the standard) in the industry.

There are two kinds of weather barriers, woven and nonwoven. HardieWrap is a nonwoven weather barrier, and that, combined with a unique coating called MicroTech, offers superior water resistance and water vapor permeability, meaning it allows vapor (moisture) to escape from within a wall cavity to help keep it dry.

HardieWrap was also engineered as two climate-specific options, one for hot-and-humid areas, the other for cold-and-wet places. And the East Coast definitely falls into the latter category most of the year.

Once it’s in place, HardieWrap can potentially protect your home’s exterior up to three months all by itself. That’s important if, for instance, you have a job where the exterior siding installation is delayed because of weather or other issues outside of the crew’s control. How’s that for added home protection and peace of mind?

Beyond that, HardieWrap just makes your home a more comfortable living space and energy efficient, saving you money through reduced energy costs and maintenance.

View of front of home with James Hardie siding in Danbury

HardiePlank Siding Replacement
Danbury, CT

Over the HardieWrap, we installed a sharp Iron Gray siding (HardiePlank Cedarmill). As a professional siding contractor and Hardie Badge holder, we only use James Hardie siding, which we feel is the superior choice on the home exterior market.

Here at Gunner, we pride ourselves on customer communication, too. Our project managers are perfectionists and fully committed to the client and the job. We know our customers have busy lives, so we make sure to plan our path with that in mind, as well as making ourselves available for questions or concerns anytime.

For example, the Danbury client was out of town for the duration of this project. We made sure to keep him in the loop continuously, documenting progress updates with notes and siding photos.

He was pleased with the siding pictures, but nothing like his enthusiasm when seeing the final results in person. And, as always, a client’s excitement is exciting for us as well.

And we’d like that to be you, too. So if you’re in the market for a new siding, roof, or window project like so many others, let’s make it happen!

City: Danbury
State: Connecticut
ZIP: 06811
Category: Siding/Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): James Hardie/GAF
Materials used (type): Fiber Cement Lap Siding (Cedarmill)/Asphalt
Materials used (color): Iron Gray/Charcoal
Project Cost: $45,000
Time to Complete: One month