Siding replacement – James Hardie, Mount Vernon, NY

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There are a lot of benefits and many factors to being a contractor or in the construction industry. You get to work outside, with tools, helping your client achieve their dream home in a unique neighborhood. But what happens when you ultimately need work on your house and you’re retired?

That was the situation our Mount Vernon, New York, client in today’s blog post found himself in. He spent four years in construction. Obviously, he has a practical education about the ins and outs of the contractor/construction business.

Being so knowledgeable comes with the added responsibility of being extra selective with the contractor who works on your home. After all, he knows what to expect and what a good job looks like. There can be no cracks in the workmanship.

There is a lot of planning and work that goes into each job, including the correct materials, labor needs, and possible repairs. If not done correctly, it can turn into a high-stress situation quickly. So when he called us for a siding replacement job, we took it as an amazing compliment and were thrilled to help.

One thing about this siding project was that he was on a tight timeline. We pride ourselves on being able to fill our client’s requests, so as soon as the consultation to determine the job was finished, we got to work.

First up was assembling our team for the siding replacement. As always, it’s necessary to determine and adjust team size and type to the job. This was no exception. With a schedule this tight, planning the resources was everything.

James Hardie siding and rock wall on home in Mount Vernon

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Mount Vernon, NY

The house itself was lovely. The first level was a combination of stucco and stone. Stucco is common in the Southwest, and although it’s not as common here in this part of the country, we still see it from time to time. It’s labor-intensive when it comes to installation, but our job was to replace siding on the second story.

At our consultation, it was decided that our client wanted to go with James Hardie fiber cement lap siding. A perfect choice for this house.

Given our client’s knowledge of the construction industry (and siding replacement), it’s no surprise at all that he decided upon using James Hardie. James Hardie offers so many different options that would be a great addition to any home. The fiber cement lap siding is sleek, strong, and James Hardie’s best-selling product for any home style.

With decades of performance, Hardie fiber cement siding has many factors going for it: high quality, low maintenance, and resistance to pests, extreme heat (including fire), moisture, rot, mildew, and cracks.

Also, rot and mildew from moisture is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to siding. Siding is constantly exposed to moisture and other elements, which can cause it to become warped or damaged over time. James Hardie fiber cement siding is designed to resist moisture damage, making it a safe and appealing choice for siding replacement.

When it’s time to replace the old siding on your house, James Hardie fiber cement is your best choice. We love working with Hardie (and the fiber cement siding material) and are so pleased to be featured on their website and social media frequently.

All of the suppliers we work with are industry leaders. We take their partnerships very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we are part of a small group of construction companies that are able to offer the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty for roofing. In order to be able to offer this, you have to have an exceptional installation track record, experience, craftsmanship, and extensive client history. Homeowners can expect the best, as we’re always seeking the latest information in industry standards.

The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the roof industry for homeowners, covering both materials and labor for 25 years.

Now back to the new siding project. This project took us a little more than a week. We were fortunate that the weather cooperated with us, and we were able to put in long hours to get this project done quickly.

James Hardie siding on home in Mount Vernon

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Mount Vernon, NY

Teamwork makes the dream work, and that was a major aspect of how successful this project was. Everyone was able to communicate efficiently, and the homeowner was happy to be involved with the process.

For the majority of homeowners, one of the most daunting aspects of home renovation is how messy it can get at the job site. This is something we have always been conscientious of. When working on projects, we want to make sure to keep our workspace as neat as possible. We want to cover things that need to be covered to protect them from damage. We want to make sure we are picking up discarded material (like the old siding or roof shingles) and then properly removing them from the site. Rest assured, when you use Gunner Roofing, you won’t have to worry about us leaving a mess in your garden or yard!

When we were finished installing the new siding on this project, our client was in awe, and knowing his history, that’s really saying something. He was so pleased with our work that he actually wrote us one of the best reviews we’ve ever gotten!

White James Hardie siding on home in Mount Vernon

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Mount Vernon, NY

As a family-owned business, glowing reviews are so important to us. The majority of our business comes from referrals. It’s such an incredible feeling when our clients love our work and services so much that they feel compelled to tell other homeowners about it.

We are so thankful he trusted our services to replace siding, and we were able to deliver on our promises of a perfect and timely job. We have to admit, the new siding came out great. You can tell the curb appeal from the pictures on this post.

Please feel free to give us a call for all your siding, roofing, windows, gutter, and other home exterior needs as well as free estimates.

City: Mount Vernon
State: New York
ZIP: 10552
Category: Siding
Materials used (manufacturer): James Hardie
Materials used (type): Fiber cement lap
Materials used (color): Arctic White
Project Cost: $28,000
Time to Complete: 10 days