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Our Port Chester, New York, homeowner in today’s blog post contacted us for a roofing and siding replacement job. Now, as you know, we offer services in roofing, siding, windows, and gutters (and professional advice). Sometimes clients will call wanting one area or a combination of everything.

But how do homeowners know what they actually need? There are many signs that your house needs some exterior work. We’ll go over them now, and if you are ever in doubt, feel free to give us a call and we’d be more than happy to assist you with a professional consultation and what to expect.

Let’s start with roofing. With advances being made every day in building materials, homes are being built to last. Though there are many factors that might change things in the future, a recently installed roof can last decades with proper maintenance.

With that being said, if the installation of your roof was done at least 20 years ago, you may want to get it checked out. If you start to notice physical signs of roof failure such as cracked or broken shingles, bald patches, or holes, those are telltale signs that something is wrong. Sometimes the signs are not limited to the exterior of the house. If you notice it’s raining outside and you start to feel water droplets from above inside, it’s time to give us a call.

Siding (as well as paint color) is probably the most important aspect when it comes to your home’s exterior aesthetic. Siding contractors know it plays a huge factor in determining your home’s worth and curb appeal, but it does more than give your home style.

Front of home with James Hardie siding replacement in Port Chester

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Port Chester, NY

Siding is a powerful tool when it comes to regulating the internal temperature of your home. When your old siding is in poor shape, expect those electric and gas bills to go sky-high. Damaged or aging siding also has the potential to leave the structure of your home open to damage. If you notice faded, cracked, rotting, mold, or anything that looks out of place, it’s time to take action and replace siding. Siding companies agree: Early intervention is key to minimizing damage and costs.

When it comes to windows, most homeowners don’t give them much thought. They might get them replaced when they want to change the style or a neighbor’s game of catch gets a little out of hand. There are other times windows need to be replaced, though.

If you go to open your window on a sunny spring day and it’s jammed or every time you open and shut it you find yourself sweating, you might need a new window installed. Other signs your windows need to be replaced are if you are feeling drafty in your home, the window frames look worn and broken, and your utility bills are rising.

Lastly, there are gutters. Gutters are an affordable and important defense against water damage. During a storm, they have the task of diverting water from your roof and away from your foundation. We recommend cleaning gutters out at least twice a year. The ideal times are spring and fall when foliage is most likely to find its way into your gutter system causing blockages. Signs you need new gutters are peeling, cracks, sagging, watermarks, or pools of water near the foundation.

As you can see, there are a lot of signs homeowners need to be aware of that a home may need some work. The Port Chester client in today’s blog post started to notice cracks and bare spots in his roof as well as cracks and staining in his current siding. Time to fix the roof and replace the siding.

Side of home with James Hardie siding replacement in Port Chester

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Port Chester, NY

After his initial call, we headed out to Port Chester to do an assessment. It was a big project, and our client was on a tight schedule. We knew we would be able to get it done for him. As always, we customized our team to his house and its needs. We were able to get both the roofing and siding installation done in 12 days. That’s why you hire professionals!

In addition to the roofing and siding project, we were able to outfit our client’s house with soffits. Soffits can be used to add ventilation and to cover the underside of the roof’s overhang. They also can help to protect your home from extreme heat and cold.

Soffits are a feature often absent in older homes, so the client was thrilled to be able to have them now. A labor of love for us.

For the Port Chester project, we used James Hardie fiber cement siding, the best siding in the country as far as we’re concerned. We knew using this siding material would be a perfect fit for this job.

Fiber cement, on average, will offer a much better return on your money than installing vinyl siding or wood siding. Fiber cement siding material is durable, low maintenance, and the preferred choice of many siding contractors.

Vinyl siding can be more easily damaged by the elements and also is difficult to simply repair. That’s why we don’t recommend vinyl siding and are among a handful of elite Hardie siding contractors. Wood siding is more durable than vinyl siding and can look great. But wood siding costs more, needs more maintenance, is susceptible to rot and insects, and can be labor-intensive. In any case, make it easy on yourself and hire professionals!

Back of home with James Hardie siding replacement in Port Chester

James Hardie Siding Replacement
Port Chester, NY

The owner was blown away with the final product. He was in awe of how well the installation came together and how quickly. We really enjoyed working on this roofing and new siding project and can’t wait for this week’s lineup.

We also can’t wait to work on your home using our quality services, whether it be a new roof install, new siding replacement, or new windows. Or all of the above.

If you’re interested, drop us a line for a free estimate, and know that we’re happy to work with your insurance provider. Let us prove that we’re not your average roofing and siding contractor.

City: Port Chester
State: New York
ZIP: 10573
Category: Siding/Roofing
Materials used (manufacturer): James Hardie/GAF
Materials used (type): Fiber cement lap/asphalt
Materials used (color): Evening Blue/Oyster Gray
Project Cost: $40,000
Time to Complete: 12 days