Siding replacement in Stamford, CT

September 17, 2023 by

You don’t need a PhD in psychology to understand your home is an extension of yourself. From furniture to artwork, drapes to light fixtures, your abode reflects who you are. It’s the mission statement of your personality.

That includes the exterior of the house, of course, and it should be given as much attention to detail as your interior. After all, it’s the first thing guests see when they arrive for a visit.

And that’s the focus of today’s blog post from Connecticut, a Stamford home improvement project we helped bring to life. Stamford, known as “the city that works,” is the fastest-growing area in the state – and it’s easy to see why.

Home with new roof and siding in Stamford, CT

Roof and Siding Replacement
Stamford, CT

Beautiful residential real estate is everywhere, and the commercial sections are fabulous as well, dotted with mom-and-pop shops and high-end boutiques. Our clients had a fine place as well, but it was reaching the point of looking like an outdated home, so they sought a change.

These homeowners wanted to go in a different design direction but weren’t 100% sure how to go about it. So they contacted us, and we sent over a project manager for a review of the property. Then we came together on a plan for creating a modern exterior, including a new sleek design for the roof, siding replacement, and a new color scheme.

Since a new home color scheme was an integral part of this artistic update, let’s take a closer look at the prime canvas: the siding.

Back view of home with new roof and siding in Stamford, CT

Roof and Siding Replacement
Stamford, CT

Of course, any residential siding replacement job we do features James Hardie siding. Gunner is a Hardie elite preferred contractor, and we consider HardiePlank (its fiber cement lap siding) the best you can get. That’s why we carry the 100% Hardie Badge, which means Hardie is the only siding we install.

And the James Hardie Statement Collection offers a variety of custom color options, including the Evening Blue chosen for this job. This navy blue siding just screams “class.” With the lush trees on the property, the color provided a perfect contrast. It’s quite a look, in the best possible sense.

That and the roof replacement were the major pieces of the “statement” puzzle (much like painting your home would be), but there are little things you can do to modernize your home, too. Things like changing the color of the door, replacing shutters, repainting accent areas, even something as simple as planting flowers.

Back of home with new roof and siding in Stamford, CT

Roof and Siding Replacement
Stamford, CT

And even if you aren’t looking at updating your home, you want to keep your home as pristine as possible. Here are some home maintenance tips:

  • Make sure to check the integrity of your roof, gutters, and siding frequently. It’s easy to ignore these things when nothing obvious is going wrong day-to-day. If you see something might be amiss, contact a professional for a home inspection. Better safe than sorry.
  • Keep vegetation trimmed and away from your home. This keeps branches from beating against your roof and siding during windy weather, and it also eliminates an easy pathway from the ground to your roof for pests.
  • Keep your gutters debris-free. A gutter clogged with sticks and leaves isn’t much help when rain is cascading down your roof.
  • Check the areas around doors and windows for breaches in the seal. Leaks can affect temperatures inside the home, which in turn affects energy efficiency (i.e., higher energy bills).

But whether you’re unsure about the cost to replace siding for an older home or figuring exterior home improvement project costs, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you make a new “statement” about yourself.

City: Stamford
State: Connecticut
ZIP: 06902
Category: Roofing/Siding
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF/James Hardie
Materials used (type): Asphalt/Fiber Cement Lap Siding (Smooth)
Materials used (color): Charcoal/Evening Blue
Project Cost: $50,000
Time to Complete: One month