Spotlight on Becky Blake: Regional Coordinator at Gunner Roofing

March 4, 2024 by

Behind every successful company lies a team of dedicated and passionate individuals, and at Gunner Roofing, we’re no exception. Today, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on our amazing Regional Coordinator, Becky Blake, who is truly the heart and soul of our organization. With her infectious enthusiasm, can-do attitude, and extraordinary ability to bring people together, Becky has been an essential part of our success story for the past three years.

Before joining Gunner Roofing, Becky had no formal experience in the construction industry. However, she did help her parents replace the roof on their family’s hunting cabin, which gave her an initial taste of the roofing world. Her background in marketing and event coordination for a regional luxury lifestyle publication has proven to be an asset in her role at Gunner, where she oversees office operations and project permitting, and provides comprehensive support to both employees and customers.

Becky is a certified Notary Public and has completed the GAF CARE Learning Training. She makes it a priority to participate in as many trainings as possible alongside the sales team and project managers, to stay informed on the latest industry developments and best practices.

Becky’s work ethic and flair for planning memorable office events have earned her the admiration of her coworkers. With a genuine talent for bringing people together and creating a fun atmosphere, her parties and team meetings have become much-anticipated highlights.Charcuterie board

When it comes to what she loves most about working at Gunner, Becky is quick to express her appreciation for her fellow team members. She genuinely enjoys spending time with everyone in the group, making coming to work a pleasure rather than a burden. This enthusiasm for fostering strong relationships doesn’t end with her coworkers; it extends to our clients as well. One of her most cherished memories is a heartfelt hug from a grateful homeowner, who appreciated Becky’s support, helpfulness, and willingness to listen. Becky takes pride in offering the kind of personal connection that is often missing in the construction industry.Becky collage

As for her future goals within the company, Becky is excited about helping Gunner Roofing grow and expand into new locations. She’s also passionate about increasing the representation of women within Gunner and the industry as a whole.Becky

Outside of work, Becky enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and completing jigsaw puzzles. A music lover, she often attends concerts and appreciates a good day at the beach or on the water.Becky with family

In the three years she has been with us, Becky Blake has become an integral part of the Gunner Roofing family. Her commitment to excellence, support for her coworkers, and dedication to our clients make her a shining example of our core values. We are grateful to have her on our team!