Spotlight on Joe Massari: Operations Director at Gunner Roofing

March 4, 2024 by

We’re thrilled to highlight Joe Massari, our dedicated Operations Director who has been an integral part of the Gunner Roofing team for the past one and a half years. Joe’s role is pivotal, taking the lead in designing, implementing, and communicating policies that align with our company vision. He spearheads the overseeing of operations and strategy, ensuring Gunner’s business growth remains on a steady and successful trajectory.Joe

Before Joe became part of our team at Gunner Roofing, he had already built up quite the résumé over at James Hardie. He took on some significant roles there, serving as both a Repair and Remodel Account Manager and a Technical Sales Manager, with a focus on the markets in New York and Connecticut.

In these positions, Joe developed a deep understanding of the industry. He learned how to coordinate installation crews effectively and how to drive production to its peak. These experiences provided Joe with a unique insight that has proven invaluable since joining our team.

Now at Gunner, Joe’s expertise doesn’t just sit idle. He’s actively applying his knowledge to our operating procedures, which has had a positive impact on our project managers and crews. He’s introduced efficiencies that have significantly improved our productivity, which is something we’re all grateful for. We’re fortunate to have someone like Joe on board, leveraging his extensive experience to help us continue to grow and succeed.

As a testament to his commitment to innovation, Joe is a certified drone pilot, which allows us to leverage cutting-edge technology in our field. His accolades, however, don’t stop at his professional achievements. His exceptional work ethic and dedication have not gone unnoticed by his team. “Joe is always willing to help out team members when they need it – he often prioritizes their requests to make sure we stay on track to achieve personal and companywide goals,” says fellow team member, Anthony Alvarado.

Joe’s passion for his role is fueled by his love for the unique challenge Gunner Roofing presents. “Being a part of an organization that is changing an industry not known for customer service or experience is extremely exciting. Every day brings a new challenge or obstacle to simplify the whole process, all while ensuring best-in-class service and affordability,” he shares. One standout project that illustrates his commitment was a job in Norwalk where we were the only company willing to source windows from a different country, provide 3D renderings, and hold construction meetings to ensure the client’s vision came to life!

Looking ahead, Joe plans to continue promoting Gunner’s values and mission statement at all levels of the business. His goal is to set the industry standard for customer experience, and he is currently developing an initial training program to ensure all employees are taught this from day one.

When he’s not working hard at the office, Joe is a family man, enjoying time with his wife, 3-year-old daughter, and rescue dog, Abigail. He’s an avid fan of the outdoors, frequently seen at parks or taking family walks. And if you’re ever at the office on a Friday afternoon, you’ll probably find him at the grill, cooking up something delicious for the team!

We’re proud to have Joe as part of the Gunner Roofing family and look forward to many more years of growth and success together!