The unveiling of a Norwalk dream home

September 1, 2023 by

When it comes to home renovations, the sheer excitement of visualizing a dream metamorphosing into reality is beyond exhilarating. This homeowner’s journey began with a ’50s ranch-style bungalow craving a modern uplift.Before installing white JamesHardie siding on a home

After countless hours scrolling the internet, the homeowner stumbled upon James Hardie siding materials. Its contemporary architectural panels embodied her vision. With European tilt-and-turn windows also a must on her wish list, all she needed to decide on was the style of roofing. This is what introduced her to Gunner Roofing.

All roads lead to Gunner

Upon browsing Gunner’s website, she saw that everything she needed, roofing, siding, windows, and more, was conveniently available under one umbrella.

When the Gunner team first met the homeowner, all they knew was that she had a vision for her dream home in Norwalk. However, her dream wasn’t just a walk in the park. Many contractors shied away from her project due to its complexities, but the team at Gunner had a “can-do” attitude and they were ready to convert her vision into reality.

The homeowner had very specific materials and designs in mind, including the use of Hardie panels and channels. Such precision in design meant that even a half-inch deviation could derail the entire project. This precision extended especially to the windows, which had a six-month lead time due to Port Authority logistics.

Materializing the vision

The team started by superimposing a 3D rendering, professionally showing where lines would be per the client’s vision. Andrew Prchal, with his vast experience, initially laid out the foundation for the project, ensuring the design was perfectly aligned with the client’s wishes. Every detail was meticulously planned and executed. The team went beyond the usual installation processes, involving custom trim work and drywall tasks.Rendering of James Hardie siding on a home

Months passed, and the dedicated Gunner team tirelessly sourced all materials, with the standout being the windows imported directly from Germany. Hardie panels with anodized metal channels were chosen for the main house’s siding, while the roof showcased a mix of GAF asphalt shingles with a dash of metal roofing for the front porch.

Witnessing the magic in real time

By January 2023, the practical aspects of the project kicked in. Anthony Alvarado, a senior project manager at Gunner, was a paragon of efficiency. His constant updates, whether through regular checks or the fascinating drone-captured bird’s-eye photos during roofing, kept the homeowner invested in the journey.

As the project progressed, the homeowner’s vision expanded, including a transformation of the back porch featuring board and batten siding. Despite budget not being a primary concern, the team made sure they found alternative materials, when possible, like those that resembled copper, to ensure the homeowner could incorporate more into the project without overshooting the budget.

Throughout the process, the bond between the homeowner and the Gunner team grew. The homeowner treated the team like family, offering them hot chocolate and donuts on cold Connecticut winter days and always greeting them with a hug.

The big reveal

Due to the lead time for windows, the project took around 10 months to complete, but the homeowner’s reaction made it all worth it. She was brought to tears, unable to believe the transformation from the initial sketches to the final masterpiece.After installing white JamesHardie siding on a home
Today, the home stands as a testament to what vision married to expertise can achieve. Every project comes with obstacles, but it’s the approach that makes the difference. Listening to homeowners, understanding their budget, and offering various product options are crucial. The team believes in treating every home like their own, ensuring the best possible outcome. Gunner’s role goes beyond construction – it’s about educating the homeowner, ensuring functionality aligns with aesthetics.

Being a family-owned business, positive feedback holds immense value for us. In fact, a significant amount of our business comes through word-of-mouth recommendations. There’s no better feeling than knowing our clients are so satisfied with our work that they recommend us to other homeowners.

For all your exterior home needs, whether it’s siding, roofing, windows, gutters, or more, don’t hesitate to contact us.