Windows replacement – Andersen, Scarsdale, NY

September 17, 2023 by

Imagine this. You’ve put together a mid-five-figures budget for a siding and window replacement project on your house. This money could be coming out of your savings, or you’ve been dutifully socking away the cash in anticipation, or maybe even taking out a loan.

Then the work begins, but one day the “professional contractor” and outfit you’ve hired goes AWOL without a word, even leaving their tools (and a real mess) behind.

Well, one family in beautiful Scarsdale didn’t have to imagine. It happened to them. Fortunately, this story had a happy conclusion: Gunner was able to ride in and save the day.

Home with Andersen window replacement in Scarsdale

Andersen Windows
Scarsdale, NY

So we’ve given you the beginning and end of the story … here’s what happened in between.

The homeowners were understandably shocked after the group they contracted left them in a lurch, to the point they became extremely concerned about who they could trust to finish the job. To their credit, they did deeper research, saw reviews of our work, and decided to call us.

We immediately got to work assessing the situation and assuring our new client that Gunner would not let them down, that we would be in steady contact and not leave until the project was complete. As you know, part of our mission is to go above and beyond expectations for our customers – and we did again, as you’ll later see.

There were multiple things to take care of at the Scarsdale property, and we started with the windows. For the replacement windows, we used Andersen casement in black. Casement windows are among the most popular window options on the market today.

White home with Andersen window replacement in Scarsdale

Andersen Windows
Scarsdale, NY

If you’re not familiar with casements, they swing outward (like doors) from the house by a crank mechanism, instead of the traditional up/down sliding ones. This retractable ability makes them elegant but highly functional windows. It’s easy to customize how “open” you want your windows to be to nature … especially on those beautiful fall foliage days this part of the country enjoys!

Another useful feature for these types of windows, including the Andersen 400 Series window style used here, is that they can be customized to whatever look and fit you’re trying to achieve. That obviously includes the windows sizes themselves, but also the window parts – like hardware, trim, and grille options.

And, interestingly, the Andersen black windows helped drive the look on this project, as we recommended the owners add black gutters to match the windows and window trim. This wasn’t in the initial plans, but they took our advice, and the result was a sharp and harmonized look they loved. Who could dream windows would be something to build a look around?

Andersen windows cost a little more than your average replacement windows, but we feel they are worth it. We always use the most trusted brands for our work, and Andersen is tough to beat, from durability to energy conservation, which means lower heating and cooling costs in the long run.

Rear of home with Andersen window replacement in Scarsdale

Andersen Windows
Scarsdale, NY

We also finished out the house’s exterior with James Hardie lap siding, which also was part of the job. James Hardie is the best in the business, and we are a verified Hardie elite preferred contractor.

Okay, windows done, siding done, gutters done … guess we’re done? As they say on TV: Wait, there’s more!

The client had gained confidence in our word and work, and they asked us if we’d be open to installing an awning, which is a permanent or retractable cover that acts as a roof extension. It’s great outdoor protection for you and your patio furniture against the elements in all seasons and weather, rain and sun, and can add privacy to your living space.

You know Gunner is always up for giving our customers added value, even if it’s not necessarily something in our main lines of business. That’s because we’re confident in our clever crew that knows a thing or two about problem-solving and handiwork.

Have to say, the awning turned out beautifully, and a fitting final piece that had our clients feeling like they had a new home and backyard.

We’re grateful for everyone who worked on this project, including the homeowners themselves for trusting us to come in and help make their home improvement project come true after being left high and dry.

That the clients were so appreciative and relieved made it an extra-special job, proving again that we’re driven daily to personify the “professional” in professional contractor! As we learned today, not everyone can make that claim so confidently.

City: Scarsdale
State: New York
ZIP: 10583
Category: Siding/Windows
Materials used (manufacturer): James Hardie/Andersen
Materials used (type): Lap Siding/Casement Windows
Materials used (color): Pearl Gray/Black
Project Cost: $60,000
Time to Complete: Six weeks