Windows replacement – Harvey, Cos Cob, CT

September 17, 2023 by

You spend months, maybe even years, reviewing real estate listings and areas. It seems like you’ll never match the perfect home with the perfect location. Eventually you decide it might be better to land the perfect location, and then remodel the structure to make your dream home.

That’s the story behind today’s blog post. Let’s call it “The Windows of Opportunity.” That’s what our clients opened when they finally found a pleasing suburban spot to put down roots.

They had warm visions of elbow room and tranquility after years living amid the hustle and bustle of New York City. It was a lovely piece of Connecticut property … the house just needed some work. Taking this approach was a smart thing, and then they did another smart thing: hire us!

Harvey windows replacement on home in Cos Cob

Harvey Windows
Cos Cob, CT

After talking to their future neighbors and doing further research, the new homeowners were sure that Gunner was the right choice to help turn their dream home into a reality. This was going to be both an outdoor and indoor home remodel, so we had the outside covered: roof, siding, and windows.

One problem: The client wasn’t sure what their dream home would look like – they just knew the current configuration wasn’t it. Figuring out what they wanted was no small thing, and it took some time.

You can hunt for home design ideas with ease, from publications to TikTok videos, retail stores to TV shows, neighborhoods to Pinterest posts. But even if you’re confident in your tastes in home design, it’s not long until information overload arrives.

As such, the project’s initial designs changed several times. We were able to determine the roof and siding plans relatively quickly, but the home design for windows was the most challenging aspect of the project.

In this case, patience definitely was a virtue, and our project manager, Nick, was determined to give the clients plenty of room to decide on their window treatments. And this is where experience came in handy.

Back of home with Harvey windows replacement on home in Cos Cob

Harvey Windows
Cos Cob, CT

Despite being an essential part of your home, windows often are overlooked during a complete remodel. Sure, homeowners consider various window types and brands, window styles, large windows, small windows, even window screens. But what about the actual location of them?

Some might not be aware that windows can be moved, added, or removed, even after a home is already built. And there are many benefits to ensuring windows are in the right spot, from natural lighting to property views from the inside, energy costs to aesthetics.

So Nick cleverly worked with the client to mark the walls where the new windows might best fit, leaving the marks in place for a while for the client to get a feel for the potential spots. After a couple of repositions, locations were set, and we were happy to finish out job with quality Harvey Slimline double hung vinyl windows – even ending up with a spare window. We repurposed that by installing in the attic, which the client loved! And Harvey windows are first-class, a great home window replacement option.

Rear of home with Harvey windows replacement on home in Cos Cob

Harvey Windows
Cos Cob, CT

Being a total remodel worked in our favor with the windows. Not only could we work inside and out, this being new construction rather than simply a vinyl replacement windows job (in existing frames) allowed us to install the entire frames with flanges on the home’s exposed plywood and framing, and finish it out with new trim.

This also meant an easier time making sure the windows were plumb, level, and square from the get-go. If you have windows that aren’t, they might not open and close properly while also causing undue strain on the window glass. And if you’re feeling a draft near your windows, the culprit is more likely to be connected to areas in the walls around the frame rather than the window itself.

After all the work was complete at Cos Cob, the clients were beaming as they moved in. Everything looked great, from the roof to the siding to the windows, even the bonus trim around the front door. A big job, but our favorite part personally was a little thing: that attic window. Even though it was a last-minute addition, it looked as though it was meant to be there all along. The cherry on top.

We wish the clients many years of pleasure in their new home and hope they enjoy the view provided by their clear “windows of opportunity.”

City: Cos Cob
State: Connecticut
ZIP: 06807
Category: Roof/Siding/Windows
Materials used (manufacturer): GAF/James Hardie/Harvey
Materials used (type): Asphalt/Fiber Cement Lap Siding/Slimline Double Hung Windows
Materials used (color): Charcoal/Light Mist/White
Project Cost: $70,000
Time to Complete: One month