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Andrew Prchal


10 years of experience

Andrew, together with his brother Eddie, established Gunner Roofing, where he plays a critical role managing the everyday operations, project coordination, sales force, and client relations. Prior to Gunner’s inception in 2013, Andrew, alongside Eddie, was instrumental in creating the Phil-UP Water Filter and also sharpened his expertise at a prominent law firm in Arizona. His diverse skill set, encompassing operations, management, marketing, brand development, distribution, and exceptional customer service, now forms the bedrock of Gunner’s acclaimed customer care, noted for its authentic attention and cultivation of enduring client connections.

His dedication to community service is evidenced by his recent nomination to the junior board of the American Red Cross and his co-creation of Gunner Cares with Eddie, a project committed to the welfare of the community.

In his personal life, Andrew values time spent with his certified service dog, Brooklyn the husky, and is fervently engaged in philanthropic activities, particularly with organizations like St. Baldrick’s and Cycle for Survival, which are dedicated to cancer research and support. An avid lover of the outdoors, Andrew also recently celebrated a significant personal achievement by completing the Chicago Marathon in 2023, dedicating his effort to raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House.

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