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Becky Blake

Regional Coordinator

4 years of experience

Regional Coordinator at Gunner Roofing, Becky brings almost four years of dedication, passion, and a bright spirit to our team. Becky’s name has become a verb around here, symbolizing her unique blend of honesty, positivity, and a heartfelt commitment to the company’s vision. For Becky, the highlight of her job is the people she works with. She has mastered the art of anticipating the team’s needs, whether it’s with a thoughtful gesture of hospitality, the perfect cocktail, or orchestrating celebrations.

Becky’s life is filled with joy and activity. She treasures time with family and friends, immerses herself in puzzles, and enjoys crafting cocktails, walking on the beach, watching sunrises, and taking immense pride in being an Auntie to her favorite little ones. Her commitment to always being reachable, answering her phone or promptly returning calls, stands out as the most Uncontractor aspect of her personality, making her an invaluable member of the Gunner team.

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