Meet the team

Eddie Prchal

Chief Executive Officer

10 years of experience

Eddie, together with his brother Andrew, co-founded Gunner, where his key roles include shaping and implementing the company’s operational strategies and expansive vision for growth. This encompasses extending the service reach across the United States, fostering relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, and steering marketing strategies and product introductions. An entrepreneur from the start, Eddie inaugurated a smoothie nutrition shop while at the University of Arizona and collaborated with Andrew to introduce the Phil-UP Water Filter.

The essential customer service and experience insights Eddie gained from these ventures formed the foundation of Gunner’s core values and objectives. Aiming to revolutionize an industry often criticized for lacking these principles, Gunner strives to enhance transparency, simplicity, and affordability in home renovations, backed by superior warranties, installation services, and a customer-friendly team overseeing each project from inception to completion.

Together, Eddie and Andrew have also initiated Gunner Cares, reflecting their profound commitment to community engagement and their desire to create a meaningful difference in their operational locales.

An enthusiast of the great outdoors, Eddie relishes time spent in natural settings, including beach outings with his wife and daughter.

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