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Eric Recchia

Business Operations Director

17 years of experience

Eric, Business Operations Director at Gunner Roofing, brings 17 years of expertise, focusing on recruitment, sales, and training with a strong emphasis on technology. Eric excels in technology utilization and automation, ensuring efficiency and precision in our operations. His leadership is defined by vision, organization, and effective follow-through. Eric treasures the company’s culture and the team’s hardworking and fun nature as his job’s highlights. A memorable moment for him was when his family visited the office, connecting his personal and professional worlds.

Outside of work, he’s a family man with three children who are his world. He’s passionate about the Yankees, the Jets, and grilling. The most Uncontractor thing about Eric is his background, which includes a decade in the residential solar industry, overseeing over 5,000 installations, underscoring his diverse expertise and innovative approach in the roofing sector.

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