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Joe Massari

Operations Director

10 years of experience

Joe is the Operations Director at Gunner Roofing. With a decade of experience under his belt, Joe is the driving force behind the company’s operations and strategic direction. He excels in designing, implementing, and communicating strategies that not only propel Gunner toward success but also significantly enhance the customer experience. Mastering the art of engaging in meaningful conversations, Joe has a knack for building lasting relationships, a skill that stands central to his role and success at Gunner.

Outside the professional sphere, Joe is devoted to his family – his wife Michele, daughter Amelia, and rescue dog Abigail are the core of his world. An enthusiast of the culinary arts, Joe can often be found manning the grill and indulging in cooking. Perhaps the most Uncontractor thing about him is his love for Broadway musicals, showcasing a diverse range of interests that extend far beyond the roofing industry. Joe is a man of multifaceted talents and passions, making him a great asset to our team.

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