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Kauanny Zanetti

Assistant Operations Manager

5 years of experience

Kauanny is the Assistant Operations Manager at Gunner Roofing and brings a vibrant mix of professionalism and dedication to her role. With a solid five-year background in operations management, including a stint at a tech company, Kauanny found her true calling at Gunner. Her exceptional organizational skills ensure that every detail is accounted for and nothing gets overlooked, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in every project. Kauanny’s favorite aspect of her job is the personal connection she makes with homeowners during field visits, finding joy in their satisfaction and positive feedback about the company’s process.

Outside of work, Kauanny is a globetrotter with a love for exploring new places, especially Europe and South America, reflecting her Brazilian heritage. She enjoys staying active through weight training or HIIT workouts and unwinding by watching movies and TV shows with her cats and boyfriend. The most Uncontractor thing about her is her prowess in bowling, a skill she polished as part of her high school bowling team, alongside her adventurous spirit exemplified by multiple hang gliding experiences. Kauanny’s diverse interests and skills, both in and out of the roofing industry, make her a unique and cherished member of the Gunner team.

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