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Maggie Carey

VP of Finance

18 years of experience

Maggie is the Vice President of Finance at Gunner Roofing. With 18 years in finance, Maggie brings a unique operations-focused lens to her role, integrating her knowledge of construction trades into financial planning and analysis. Her approach not only encompasses the numbers but also fosters partnerships across operations to drive growth. Maggie loves seeing her financial strategies manifest in the field, a testament to her passion for her work. A skilled communicator, Maggie excels in translating complex financial concepts into easily understandable visuals, making her an invaluable asset to the company.

Outside of work, Maggie enjoys family time, travel to sunny beaches, exploring new towns, and reading. Interestingly, she’s not a fan of heights – an Uncontractor twist for someone in the roofing business. Maggie’s diverse interests and innovative approach to finance make her a valued member of the Gunner team.

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