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Matt Miller

Senior Project Manager

4 years of experience

Senior Project Manager Matt is known for his excellent communication, steadfast reliability, and unwavering integrity in project management. He ensures the smooth and high-quality completion of projects by keeping an open and constant line of communication with both clients and his crew, aligning everyone’s expectations. The most gratifying aspect of Matt’s job is witnessing the awe and joy on clients’ faces when they see their vision materialize. He also prides himself on always being one step ahead, a skill that is crucial in the fast-paced world of project management.

When he’s not leading projects, Matt enjoys the tranquility of the outdoors, going hiking, boating, and fishing. An intriguing Uncontractor fact about Matt is his academic background – a degree in economics – which adds an analytical edge to his work in construction and project management. His practical skills and personal passions make him an incredible asset to our team.

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