Meet the team

Mike Macchia

Senior Project Manager

4 years of experience

Mike is a Senior Project Manager who has honed his skills in attention to detail, assertiveness, customer service, and proactive project coordination. His commitment to customer satisfaction was highlighted when a client acknowledged his exemplary service with a Christmas basket, a gesture that remains Mike’s most cherished professional memory. He ensures projects meet the Gunner standard by staying in close communication with homeowners and subcontractors, especially as a project nears completion. Mike’s favorite aspect of his role is the camaraderie within the project management team, where mutual support is always at hand. He has mastered time management, an essential skill that allows him to efficiently juggle the demands of his position.

Away from the job site, Mike is passionate about basketball, video games, and powerlifting – interests that keep him both mentally and physically sharp. The most Uncontractor thing about Mike? Despite a fear of heights, his dedication to homeowners drives him to face this challenge daily, a testament to his commitment to quality and service in the roofing industry.

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