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Ricardo Mondésir

Warehouse Manager

20 years of experience

Ricardo is Gunner’s Warehouse Manager and brings 20 years of experience in warehouse operations, specializing in inventory management, logistics, safety protocols, and team leadership. His comprehensive skill set includes efficient inventory management, strict adherence to safety compliance, motivational team leadership, adept technology integration, and an unmatched capacity for problem-solving and adaptability. Ricardo finds great fulfillment in leading and inspiring his team, optimizing warehouse operations, and embracing continuous learning opportunities in the ever-evolving field of warehouse management.

Ricardo enjoys playing tennis, camping, and hunting, activities that reflect his love for the outdoors and physical challenge. However, the most Uncontractor aspect of Ricardo is his passion for playing the violin, a surprising and unique outlet that showcases his artistic side and serves as a reminder of the diversity and depth of interests that individuals in the roofing industry can have.

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