Meet the team: Connor Amann, Territory Sales Manager at Gunner Roofing

March 4, 2024 by

We’re thrilled to highlight Connor Amann, an energetic and devoted Territory Sales Manager who has become a pivotal part of the Gunner Roofing family. Connor has been with us for approximately a year and a half, and his influence is palpable both in our office culture and in the relationships we have with our clients.portrait of sales rep Connor Amann


The man of the first hour

As a Territory Sales Manager, Connor holds the significant responsibility of being the first point of contact with our clients. His role involves initial meetings to understand exactly what the clients are looking for – whether it’s a new roof, siding, windows, or all the above. Through active listening and in-depth questioning, he ensures that our proposals perfectly align with our clients’ visions.

One of the standout qualities that Connor brings to the Gunner team is his commitment to personalized service. Connor always schedules a time to go to the client’s house to discuss the proposal in person. This face-to-face interaction allows him to answer any lingering questions the client might have, minimize confusion, and elaborate on the specific ways Gunner can bring their vision to life.

This step reflects his belief in complete transparency and his dedication to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. It’s all part of his effort to educate the customer, helping them to understand not just the “what” but the “why” behind each line item on their proposal. This personalized approach removes the guesswork for the client and sets the stage for a smooth project from start to finish.

An unexpected journey to roofing

Connor had a unique start in the world of roofing. Previously a personal trainer, Connor discovered Gunner when his father overheard Anthony, our Vice President of Project Management, mentioning an open Sales Rep position. A torn Achilles led Connor to look for new opportunities, and after a personable interview process with Eddie and then Joe, Connor took the plunge. He says it was the most amiable interview he’s ever had, and he feels incredibly lucky to get to work at Gunner.

What makes the job special for Connor?

When asked what he loves most about his job, Connor pointed out the diversity of tasks and challenges. “Each day is different; every job is unique,” he says. He relishes the mix of office time and field visits, getting to meet potential customers and help them visualize their dream homes.

Memorable projects

One project that remains etched in Connor’s memory is a collaboration with Andrew on a home in North Stamford. This was no ordinary project; the house, designed by a renowned architect, boasted a roof with “interesting copper-infused shingles” and an astonishing 12 different roof planes. The complexity was, in Connor’s own words, “absolutely absurd.” But what made the project truly memorable was that they managed to get the entire roofing overhaul covered by insurance. “Seeing the new roof was crazy. The progress was awesome,” Connor reflects.

Another milestone for him was spearheading his first full project that included roofing, siding, and windows. He said that seeing the house transform from what it was to what it is now was nothing short of amazing. What makes all the hard work worth it for Connor is the sheer joy and satisfaction expressed by the homeowners. He said it’s incredible to see how excited people get and how happy they are when the project is complete. To Connor, that feeling definitely makes it all worth it.Gunner Sales Rep Connor Amann and his two great danes


Beyond the job

A big sports guy, Connor is a Yankees and Giants fan who recently became obsessed with golf, playing 2-3 times a week. He also has two Great Danes, Baylor and Blue, that he loves more than anything. Baylor is fully deaf, and Blue is absolutely massive but goofy.

Connor emphasizes that Gunner is the first job he genuinely loves. He doesn’t even look at it as going to work. “It’s like a big family,” he shares. The work culture is amazing, and people genuinely care about your life outside of work.

Connor stands out as an individual who brings sincerity and commitment to his role. We’re proud to have Connor as part of the Gunner family and look forward to many more years of growth and success together!